Alphabet Project

Several years ago I began a project to write a flash fiction story for every letter in the alphabet by randomly choosing the title from a topic book.  Initially the plan was to do one every week, and that worked for the first few weeks.  However, after 'C' I decided I wanted to write something else and the letters began falling by the wayside.  Since, I've written several more of the letters, and overall am pleased with the way this is coming about.  As I continue to produce these stories I will post them here, potentially compiling a book of all the stories.

The stories range in all types of genres and writing styles, and even my first non-fiction piece.  I'll post them once a week. Giving a little intro or end notes with each of them.

I'll begin by posting 'A' immediately after this.
Have a good one.

Anger Management

First Rejection Letter