First Rejection Letter

This rejection is by far the one that stands out most in my mind, and not just because it was the first rejection letter I received. It reads as follows;
Dear Mr. Azar,
Thank you for sending us an inquiry letter. While we admire your dedication to the craft, we must pass at this time. We wish you the best in your future endeavors and encourage you to submit again as you continue to refine your work.
Due to the heavy volume of submissions we receive, please wait at least six months before resubmitting, and as per our new guidelines, please direct all future submissions to the Writer-Recruiter.
The reason this letter stands out so much to me is because they never mention what piece of work I sent them an inquiry letter for, and there was no return address on the envelope. The zip code is even cut off in the postage so all I can tell is that it was sent from somewhere in New York.
Too curious about it to pass it up, I googled the name of the 'writer-recruiter' and the only definitive match I was able to find was a guy on Yahoo Answers asking who she was. He states he received a letter exactly as the one I did.
It's a mystery that has yet to be solved, and perhaps I will submit something to them again, but I won't even know it.

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