Teen Moms

I've only recently stumbled upon this show, so for those of you who don't know it "Teen Moms" is an MTV 'reality' show that follows several teenage mother.

The notion of glamorizing teenage pregnancy and parenthood is appalling.  Some might make the argument that the point of the show is to display the struggles these girls are going through or some such crap, but it's telling girls that its OK to spread your legs when you don't know any better, MTV will put you TV.  The show is called a documentary, but its watched for entertainment purposes.  I see people posting about it on Facebook, gossiping about it like its a daytime soap opera, doesn't seem like the point of a 'documentary'.

Everyone keeps saying they feel bad for the moms, but they put themselves in the situation they're in.  Feel bad for the kids people.  We always hear about the tragic lives of child actors, just imagine how much worse it's going to be for these kids, literally being born on MTV.  What kind of lives are they destined to have?

Ask yourselves this, will this show help the teen pregnancy rate? And if not why is this show on the air?

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