The Best Thing to Come out of the TV Show 'Shit My Dad Says'

CBS has a new show on the air called Shit My Dad Says, or more accurately $h*! My Dad Says, starring William Shatner.  The premise of the show is that it's based off this guy's twitter account where he posted a bunch of dumb/funny things his dad 'supposedly' says.  I don't know if any of the tweets are actual quotes from his dad, but I know the TV show is pretty painful to watch.  William Shatner is the only thing worth while on the show, but it's bogged down by so much cliched sitcom fodder that he rarely has a chance to shine.

However, the show has produced one good thing, William Shatner, in keeping with the 'beeped' theme of things you can't say, sings Cee Lo Green's 'Fuck You' on the Lopez Show... comedy gold.

And keep an eye on the back up singers dressed in some of Shatner's more famous TV uniforms, like Captain Kirk and Sergeant T.J. Hooker.  The third singer is wearing his clothes from Shit My Dad Says