Rejection #4

This rejection was a little surprising.  I was pretty positive that it was exactly what the editors were looking for but alas I was wrong.  I think part of the buildup for me was that I hadn't received the rejection when they had announced all rejections were sent.  In my mind I believed that meant it was accepted, I just hadn't been notified yet so I inquired, and...

Alex Azar,

Thank you for querying. We did read your story, not sure why the response
didn’t reach you. It pasted below, and sorry for the delay:
Thank you for your giving us the opportunity to read Hypothermia. Sadly,
we regret to inform you that we are declining acceptance at this time.
This was an interesting story, but it just didn’t make the final cut for
Seasons in the Abyss. Thank you again for sharing your work with us and we
wish you the best of luck placing this story in another market.
We do our best to reply in a timely manner so please report our response
time at Duotrope’s Digest
****** ***** & the ***** ***** Staff

I find it odd that even though I hadn't received the response when I was supposed to, they would ask me to 'report their response time.'  This was the same publisher that had rejected No Lights in my Rejection Letter #2, and I'll admit they rejected that pretty quick (I still think it's because they knew I lied haha)

I want to tell you more about this story, Hypothermia, but it is actually the story for 'h' in my Alphabet Project so I'll save it for then.

Quiet on the Bus