Rejection #5: Little Changes

Hi Alex,

Thank you for sending us your story, but unfortunately it isn't right for this anthology. Best of luck with it elsewhere.


This rejection letter was so short it felt very impersonal and cold.  And while she doesn't outright say it, it makes me feel like she hated this story. I can admit it's not my best writing (I was rushed on the deadline after my previous attempt went far beyond the word limit), but I feel it deserves a little more tact.  She doesn't bother saying whether she liked it or not, just that it wasn't right for the anthology, but can't spare the few key strokes to explain why it didn't fit.  I'm typically not a very bitter person, but I'd expect a little more professional courtesy from a publisher/editor. 

I've decided while writing this, that I will post the story here next week, to see what you think.

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