Rejection #6: Full Circle

I felt it only fitting that following my post of announcing that I will be published that I post another rejection letter. I wish I had a rejection for the story that was accepted as a show that persistence pays off, but it was accepted by the first publisher I sent it to.

So instead I present a different story rejected.  Like most of the rejection letters I've received they were encouraging in their dismissal, so it's not a complete shut out.

Dear Author,

Thank you for your submission to Fallen: An Anthology of Demonic Horror. Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly what we were looking for at this time, so we are going to have to take a pass on it. This is in no way a rejection of your story based on quality; it simply means that our anthology is moving in another direction.

Best of luck,

** *****
N***** F****** P********

Like I said, they weren't completely dismissal of the story, but having reread it I wonder if this wasn't a generic rejection they send to all authors.  If you notice, they don't mention my name, nor the name of the story that was submitted.  They do say the name of the anthology, but it is much easier to copy and paste the book name, than the author and story title.  But I will give them the benefit of the doubt because one of my good friends is being published within the anthology, so it's safe to assume they know what they're talking about..

Next time I'll get them, have a good one

The kid has done it again!

Azar Rising is getting published...