What Happened to the Art of Commercials?

I don't watch as much TV as I used to, and I won't say it's because of the decline of skill put into commercials, but I sure as hell don't miss them. We used to be able to enjoy commercials like "Where's the Beef?"

or Slinky, (made even more famous by Eddie Murphy)

But now we've got some crappy commercials, and I don't mean small company independent commercials, but legit 'money spent' recognized commercials. Like for one, what's the deal with the "musical" Kit-Kat commercials that don't even have a melody. Usually when advertisers use individual sounds of the product to make music, they actually try to make a tune or melody thats pleasant to hear, not a cacophony of unrelated sounds.

or a Target commercial whose focus is the one item in the commercial that wasn't bought from Target (how does that make sense?) The commercial follows a female who purchased a tiny Christmas tree and proceed to decorate her small apartment with items purchased from Target. If anything, shouldn't she have purchased a fake tree from Target?

Best Buy has a commercial for Beats by Dre where an entire club has the headphones on. Really Best Buy/Dr. Dre? Who's wearing headphones at a club besides the DJ?
...A commercial so dumb I can't find the video online.
Another commercial, one I refuse to post, is the new Hess truck commercial because they got rid of the classic song because it mentions Christmas (even though the jet is cool). I respect Toys R' Us for making a point to mention Christmas by name during this season (it doesn't hurt that my cousin and good luck charm work there).

Because of these crappy commercials I don't watch anything that's not DVR'd (mostly because I'm never home but that's besides the point)

Send me some newer commercials you feel hit the mark, or completely miss.

Have a good one!

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