Monsieur is Gay, Madam is Gay

It's recently been pointed out that I've been neglecting the blog, but I assure it is not on purpose.  I've been working on my biggest project to date, and if it comes together in any foreseeable way, it'll mean big things for me and Azar Rising.

However, in the interim I'll post what I can, including this dream.  Just remember this was a dream, I had no control over what you think it might mean.

I had this dream nearly ten years ago, it's so messed up it still haunts me, but not in a scary way. Anyway here it goes;

It was well after midnight and I was still unable to sleep so I decided to go for a drive. With no particular destination, I turn north to see where the roads will take me, before I know it I was in upstate New York passing Bear Mountain. Realizing I need gas I pull into a gas station behind a pick up truck that resembles the truck from Toy Story (you know, the one they hid in, that was a Toyota but the only visible letters spelt out Toy). While filling up gas, a little kid comes up to me to me in complete shock asking for my autograph, but his mom is pulling him away saying that I want to be left alone but she looks very concerned. Confused I get back in my car and drive off. Now hungry, I drive to a diner in the area, that I know of because a friend and I took a similar drive a few weeks earlier. I pull up to the diner, which looks like a typical diner, but when I enter the diner its stark white, undecorated walls, no windows, only one table with one chair both white, no counter, nothing but the chair and table, not even a waitress. Taking a seat, I decide to wait, knowing someone has to be there. While waiting I become aware of a flickering light coming out of a hallway that wasn’t there a few minutes ago. I go to investigate and see that the hallway leads to a perpendicular hallway that stretches out to the left, and to the right is a darkened room with the flickering light. I go into the room and turn the light on, to see that there is a gaggle of toys watching TV, showing nothing but static. All the toys turn to me and they are all missing their eyes, and they yell at me for turning the lights on, because they were watching the TV. Scared, I turn the lights back off and walk out the room without taking my eyes of the creepy looking toys. I head down the second hallway and come across a zebra sitting on the floor with it’s hind legs crossed over each other. In front of the zebra is an overturned box of crayons. The zebra is eating the crayons one by one while singing, “Monsieur is gay, Madam is gay, no one cares what I say” over and over not paying attention to me. And as it eats each crayon, a white stripe on him becomes the color he just ate, and instinctively I knew he was eating the crayons because he wanted color in his life. Freaked the hell out, I turn around and come face to face with my reflection in a mirror, and I see that I am Buzz Lightyear, and I wake up. End Dream.

Let it be known i do not have some unhealthy obsession with Toy Story, I don't even own the movie and have only seen it twice.

And the moral of the story is… get a little color in your life? I’m not sure, but I’m open to any thoughts or ideas.

Mindless Thoughts.

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