Now Introducing... (UPDATE)

People say she looks like me when I was born, and typically, I'd take this as bad news for her, but I was a very feminine looking baby, so this should be good for her.
 Well as of this posting my newest baby niece doesn't have a name. I know, that was her reaction too, look

 I've put in my favorite name into the vote, and it seems to be winning.  So if you agree, let's hear it for Talia Azar. How can you not, just look at how cute she looks in the arms of the one who named her.
Show your support, and vote Talia Azar. In the meantime, she'll go by ?uest Azar, and I think if enough people call her that for now, it'll stick as a life long nickname. Love you ?uest

(UPDATE) My baby niece has been officially named, and the supports helped get my name picked. Unfortunately, my brother has a penchant for misspelling names, so instead of Talia Azar, my niece is...
Talya Phoenix Azar
It was a big ordeal being named, so it's time for ?uest... I mean Talya to sleep.


The result of falling asleep with the TV on