The result of falling asleep with the TV on

This is another dream I had awhile back, to me the beginning has nothing to do with the rest of the dream but that’s just me… enjoy.

The dream begins with a friend and myself sitting on a couch, that isn’t my own in a house that wasn’t my own home, watching Friends. The dream then switches focus to the actual episode as if I were watching the episode through the camera. Ross and Rachel are having one of their fights and Joey accidentally sets the whole apartment building on fire resulting in Phoebe dying. The camera then focuses on the fire and zooms in so much so that all that is viewable is the fire.

Through the fire the dream cuts to an open field with a forest tree line off to the distance. The weather is perfect, sun shinning down, fluffy white clouds, white birds flying in the air, the whole nine.

The view of the dream has reverted to my first person, however I am no longer myself but instead I was Ludo the Yeti from the movie the Labyrinth, and along side are two more guys, one to the right and the other to the left, who look very similar but only slightly different in color.

To the far right of us are the three Powerpuff girls, however all of the other people, the powerpuffs, and the yeti are all representatives for people I know in real life, the two yeti are close friends and the powerpuffs are girls that I was attracted to at one point or another, only one of which can I recall now.


Before us is an obstacle coarse that stretches a good distance towards the forest but stops short before reaching it.

From out of nowhere a gong sounds signaling the beginning of the obstacle coarse, and the three females are off without a hitch, however the other yeti and I are having an impossible time with the simplest of obstacles. Before us there are three narrow beams that we need to walk across, but lack the balance. After that, there is a tire run, but our feet are too large to fit inside the tires throwing us further off balance, and same with the cargo net climb. Then there were rows of monkey bars that we were to climb across but we were to heavy and the bars would beak.

Eventually we got to the end of the coarse, the sun has set its night, very cloudy, no moon, and find that the powerpuff girls had finished long ago, and fallen asleep. After which I woke up.

To me it seemed like this dream was telling me I take things way too seriously and make situations more difficult than they have to be, losing touch with what I was originally trying for. That and I watch way to many movies, but I never really watched Friends and I didn’t watch the PowerPuff Girls until after this dream, yes I watched it and enjoyed it lol. And there was no dialogue throughout the dream, even the argument between Ross and Rachel, they were yelling but no words or sounds were coming from their mouths, but I could hear everything else. No words were exchanged between the friend that was watching it with me, nor between the yeti and the powerpuffs.

Again comments and opinions are welcome.

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