Lucy Liu in the Non sexy dream

This is a dream I had last night. Enjoy it more than I did.

The dream begins with me getting off a personal rocket, that's only slightly bigger than an adult like a personal sub.  I'm holding a large golf club and am almost immediately greeted by my wife, the a fore mentioned Lucy Liu, who is also wielding a golf club and exited her own rocket.
We're in a park that in real life I used to live across in Little Ferry, the town-wide famous Tire-Park, and we're in the midst of a game of Interstate-Golf.  And as is the nature of dreams I instinctively knew all the rules of the game.  There's a designated course in each state, and in each course there is a "drive zone".  Each player has three puts to get their ball to the drive zone and then from there one drive to hit the ball into the next state's course (remember this is a dream).
Continuing with the dream, once I realize where we are, Lucy and I begin reminiscing of our high school days, and in particular how if I hadn't broken up with her friend (a real life ex that will remain nameless) we would never have gotten together.
Lucy says "The only reason why (unnamed ex) cheated on you with that guy, is because she wanted to have a threesome with you two."
I put my ball halfway to the drive zone, and question, "But she had to know I'd never go for that."
"Well she didn't but I did, and that's why I encouraged her to do it, so we could be together." She responds before putting her ball into drive zone in a single shot.  Having taken the lead she gives me a sly smirk and I wake up just as she's going to kiss me.

Recalling the dream, I became frustrated with the movie Inception thinking that I should have known it was a dream since I was with Lucy Liu, but then again I didn't get any so...


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