Remember Me (updated)

The following story is for the previous rejection letter I posted.  This is a very odd story, and not one I would have typically written, but the open submission requested gory horror stories about holidays, and stressed for none of the 'big' holidays. Initially I couldn't think of anything fitting and was working on a different piece, but randomly an idea formed.  I never would have thought of writing something along these lines, but I thought it was just crazy enough to work, guess not.  Well the publisher's loss is your gain, and you can now read the entire story for free, enjoy.

                                                                            Remember Me                                                                                Alex Azar

Monday January 3rd 2011, 3:03 AM

Martin Jackson Jr., the star wide receiver for the Philadelphia Bald Eagles, is used to running these streets of his hometown, but when he was a youth and not so late at night. Now he’s running for his life as he’s chased by a bald madman wearing glasses, who is steering a horse drawn stagecoach. The chase started after Martin’s car was forced off the B.F. Turnpike by the wagon. Something apparently no other drivers seemed to notice.

After slipping on some fresh snow, the chase has ended for Martin and his pursuer. The metal rimmed wheel of the stagecoach runs over Martin’s lower back, cutting all synaptic communication to his legs. After running the football player over the horse circles around only to trample his neck, sending agonizing pain throughout his body before all feeling leaves his body.

Standing over Martin’s limp body the bald man raises his walking stick and shouts, “Remember me!” before beating in Martin’s head; the hit smashes his nose, and sends bone shards into his brain. The second blow ruptures his right eye socket, bursting his eye with it. The third, and ultimately final, strike caves in Martin’s skull, ending the pain he was unable to emote.
The bald man rides away on his stagecoach after placing a bouquet of small purple flowers. The wagon disappears into the night leaving behind no tracks.

“It’s a damn shame.” Detective Colyn Whyte proclaims as he watches the football star bagged and loaded in the coroner’s van.

Shocked at his partner’s uncharacteristic emotional display, no matter how minor, Detective Kevin Shepps agrees, “Yea, the kid was young, he had a great career in front of him. When I was still a beat cop he was a kid growing up in these parts. He kept his nose clean, but always hung with some regular juvies; he could have gone down a bad path.”

“Huh? Yea that and I had five hundred on Sunday’s game. They’re sure to lose without him, and that’s if they even play.”
Disgruntled at Whyte’s amoral response, “You always have a knack for making things about you.”

“Blow me cupcake. Round up all traffic surveillance footage in a mile radius from here and also where his car was located. God night, and give Jeff a kiss for me.”

“Fuck you.”


Well this is an unexpected turn of events, "Remember Me" has been accepted for publication.  I say unexpected because I wrote this story for a particular anthology and tailored it so.  I felt the story had too narrow of a theme to fit else where, but I sent it out on a whim to a publisher named Static Movement (if you purchased my first story "I knew we Kept you Around for a Reason" you'd recognize the name) and I'm glad they proved me wrong. Because this is a longer story, I feel comfortable leaving this first part up to whet your appetite. Be ready to purchase the book when it comes out to read the whole story.

And the hits keep coming...

Rejection 11: Remember Me