Newest Book is Available!

Great news everyone, not only has Look What I Found been published, by NorGus press, but they've also just published Undertaker Tales: What They Don't Teach You at Mortuary School as well (that's five books now, but who's counting).  Both are available on as well as (below are links to their amzon pages). 

My story in Undertaker Tales was written a year ago almost to the day in anticipation of Halloween, and it's great to have it see print the same time of year.  The whole anthology deals with undertakers, gravediggers, crypt keepers, and the like.  My story "The Gravedigger's Aprentice" is a not-so-nice tale about how wrong decisions born of bitterness can come back and haunt you.  So be careful of whose grave you spit on.

"Look What I Found" The Anonymous Portrait

"Undertaker Tales" The Gravedigger's Apprentice

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