A Happy Weekend Indeed!

Over the weekend I received word of another story being accepted for publication.  In fact it is the same story, The Statue Garden, that was rejected in the previous post.  Ironically, it has been accepted by the same publisher that rejected it previously, although it is a different editor for the company.  A company that has accepted and printed several of my stories already, Static Movement.

The story will be printed in an anthology called Cobwebs & Antiques and is about a girl whose hellish nightmare takes 20 years to come to fruition and destroys her life... or does it?

Okay that last bit was a tad cliched, just buy the book when it comes out to read what happens.  The theme for the anthology is very similar to the anthology I was first accepted in, which seems fitting for my 10th acceptance, that's right 10 acceptances in the span of year.

See the cover image here.

Monster Gallery now available

Rejection 12: The Statue Garden