Free thoughts 6/13

Earlier in the year I began working on a novel and it's coming along pretty well, although at this point there's no real end in sight.  But because of this I don't have the chance to write and publish short stories like I've been over the past year, depriving you (my reading fans?) the opportunity to read more of my writing.  So I decided every little bit, at least once a week I'm going to write free thought on this blog.  It'll give you (still there?) a chance to see part of my writing process, learn some of my motivations for writing, and basically hone my skills.  Speaking of skills, this isn't an exercise in proper grammar, so if I forget a comma or the like don't worry, that's what editors are for.

As you may, or not, know I'm a big comic book collector, but I had recently decided that I wanted a new hobby to collect, something I could display.  I first chose to get a painting anywhere I visit, but after missed chance in New Orleans added to the fact I don't really travel too much, I decided against that.  Next, I thought about getting wooden death masks, and while I still really like that idea I've settled on something even better.  For each of the stories I have published I'm going to buy something that represents an important scene within it.  I'll freely admit that this idea occurred to me while watching an Oddities marathon (can't wait for Oddities San Fran)   Right now I have nine stories published and I'm working on ideas for the different things to get.  If you have a favorite story, or a good idea for me to get, comment below.

What'll be interesting is when the two stories that I have accepted but are waiting to be published are finally published they're going to be in the same book.  Depending on what the items will be it'll be interesting to see how I'll display them, or if I can find one item that fits both stories, but that seems unlikely.

These two stories are in an antho with a 'spring fever' theme, basically anything spring related.  Ironically both of them are apart of my alphabet project.  The first one was accepted over a year ago so technically the rights have reverted back to me, but the second is newer and still under contract with the publisher.  I'm thinking if by next March the antho still hasn't been published I'm going to pull both my stories out, I never liked the idea of breaking up the Alphabet Project.  I feel like it'll work best as a book in itself, and even better if it's the first time any of the stories have been published.  I like the publisher that they're currently under contract with, but it's a non-paying market, and I feel as a whole the alphabet project deserves more than that.

This publisher in particular has put out 4 of 9 of my stories but I've relegated them to a back up from other paying publishers for works that I can't find a home for elsewhere.

Thanks for letting me ramble, and remember to keep reading!

Alex Azar

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