AzarRising Pages

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to remind you all of the pages that I have available on the blog along with the posts I make.

The first page is a list of all the rejection letters that I've posted (including a brand new one) as a show that all authors have been rejected, and even though I've been published several times it still happens.

The next two are lists, one of my Top 5 most overrated things, and my 25 favorite books.  I'm looking to do more lists, so please feel free to suggest a topic.
Overrated Top 5   and Top 25 Books

The next page is my "bookstore" which has links where you can purchase each of my books (which should have an update in October, *hint*hint*) Show your support and purchase a book, or if you really love me, you can track down the AzarRising Mobile Bookstore (my beat up Dodge) and purchase a personalized signed book for cheaper.
AzarRising Bookstore

And finally is the ever growing Alphabet Project page.  Here you can find links to each of the posted stories of the project (up to 'M' as of this writing, 'N' coming soon)  Once completed these 26 stories will cover a wide breadth of genres and emotions.  Two of the stories are actually going to be published shortly, and the ultimate goal is to publish a book collecting all 26 in a single volume.  Enjoy it for free while you can...
Alphabet Project

Free Thoughts 8/21 (my 30th birthday)

Free Thoughts 8/15