Rejection 14: "Under the Hood of Winter"

It's been a while since I posted a rejection, sadly not because I haven't been rejected, but because the majority of rejections sent out are generic and not personalized to the author.  That makes for boring reading for you, and for me if I'm being honest.

However, I recently received a rejection for a story I was positive would make it, and after not hearing back from the editor when I was expecting to I allowed myself to get my hopes up that it may actually make it.  Then I got the following email;

Dear Alex, 

Thank you for sending "Under the Hood of Winter" for consideration in the M*** H***  anthology. I appreciate the chance to read it. Unfortunately, the piece did not make the final cut. 

Again, I do thank you for submitting to E***, and I hope to read more from you for future anthologies! 

M*** B***
E*** P*** 

So it was a generic format rejection, that's fine, I've dealt with it before its just a part of being an author.  But below that form rejection, the editor added the following little bit;

*** Hi Alex, Hood was a tough choice to decline and I thought you'd like to know that it made it all of the way to the last step! I'll be reading Liquid Marble and Old Habits in the coming weeks and get back to you. Thanks! M***

There it is, that personal touch that makes rejections not only more bearable, but also informative.  he let me know that not only that he actually did like the story, but that it had a shot at actually being published in the antho.  I currently have the two other stories with him, that he mentioned, and it makes me a little more confident that they'll find homes with his company. So here's to the next, and remember to keep reading.

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