13 Movies of Halloween Horror: #10 The Traveler

It's rare that a Hollywood star can lose their career and come back as sort of B-movie icon. Val Kilmer has done it. Anyone that disagrees he was ever a star, just remember he was Batman.

Val has recently started in a slew of direct to DVD movies, many of them have been thrillers. Perhaps many haven't been too great, however The Traveler was entertaining.

During a bad storm a police station is in the midst of a slow night when a drifter walks in and confesses to murder, murders that haven't occurred... yet

After each confession the murder comes true as he's locked up in the station. The cops involved need to figure out what's going on before they each get knocked off.

The Drifter being tortured by a group of cops for supposedly kidnapping one of their daughters.
The no name drifter has a past with each of the officers in the station, as he was best into a coma when the lead detective thought he was responsible for his daughter's kidnapping. The cops begin to realize the connection, but is it too late?


I really enjoyed this movie. It was simple in story and execution but that's also what made it easier to like. Also the methods used for each death, fits with the abuse they inflicted on him. Mostly, I feel the ending was done really well.

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