13 Movies of Halloween Horror: #11 I Sell The Dead

A large part of me didn't want to even count this movie as part of the horror marathon because it was a comedy first and a horror 3rd or even 4th down the line of genres.

"I Sell the Dead" stars Dominic Monaghan (the 'Lost' hobbit), Angus Scrimm (the tall man from 'Phantasm') and Ron Perlman (the ugliest man in Hollywood).


Dominic stars as a grave-robber in the employ of Angus, who does some unknown experiments on the bodies.  The movie starts with Dominic arrested and prior to his execution he's confessing to Ron who plays a priest.

The majority of the movie is Dominic recounting his career as a grave-robber and how he started with this life.  As I said it's a comedy and every subject it touches on is with a light heart, especially death, as it's pretty prevalent throughout the movie.

Not too long into the movie, vampires are introduced opening the doors for other supernatural creatures to appear.  These types of cadavers are worth more than regular humans, and soon Dominic and his sometime partner/mentor/boss specialize in the retrieval of supernatural corpses.

Things go to hell when Dominic brings on an apprentice of his own, a female.  She convinces Dominic (and by extension his partner) to take a dangerous job they normally would steer clear of, which results in her death and their arrests, bringing us to the beginning of the movie.


If this had been a review for a comedy I would give it a medium popcorn, but as it stands for a horror movie, it definitely doesn't get more than a small.

The best thing going for the movie is the fact that they never take themselves too seriously.  There's a scene where Dominic and his partner scare each other by pulling the steak from a vampire's chest constantly bringing it back to life before killing it again.  It's in these comedic scenes that the movie shines.

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