13 Movies of Halloween Horror: #12 Shakma

Netflix description

         "Turned murderous by experimental drugs, a baboon escapes from a laboratory and attacks a group of           students in the building."

How could I possibly pass that up?

And honestly there isn't much more to say about this movie.  It was released in 1990, but looked more like 1980 which was a heyday for cheap horror movies, and before PETA existed (I actually just looked it up, coincidentally they formed in 1980).

Baboon, mutated, killing people, nuff said.


I wanted to like this one more, it had everything a good cheesy movie needed, a killer monkey... and that's about it, which usually would be enough, but the lack of quality in everything made this one a little worse for wear.

With that one movie to go! And I really want to use the highest rating I have so it better be a good one.

Untitled Ghost story

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