13 movies of Halloween Horror: #3 The Theater Bizarre

What the hell did I just watch?  I may as well ask you because you know just as well as I do, even after seeing this thing.

The Theater Bizarre is a horror anthology in the vein of Creepshow, however none of the segments even come close to the caliber of the worst Creepshow clip.

It begins with a disturbed woman who draws unnatural things in her apartment entering an abandoned theater. A puppet/animitronic hybrid of a host introduces 6 different stories, each a different type of horror.  These tales range from frog ladies, to crimes of passion, some that I'm not sure how to classify, and a Lovecraftian vagina that eats penises (or as I convinced an ex-girlfriend it was called, peni, like fungus and fungi)

They were all bad, and even though it was an American anthology, felt like it was being acted by foreigners trying to speak English.  Which was actually ok for the second clip since it was actually a foreign cast.  I should have know it was going to be bad, but nothing could have prepared me for this.

This left me so upset, I'm not even going to bother giving you the specifics of it, just don't watch this.

Rating... if I could give it less I would but...

At least this crappy movie allowed me to use this picture, aww

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