13 Movies of Halloween Horror: #6 In Search of Lovecraft

Let me begin by saying that I almost chose a movie called Pinocchio's Revenge based solely on the title, instead I chose In Search of Lovecraft, also predominantly based on the title.  HP Lovecraft is one of my favorite authors and influential in my own writing.

This image of the cover has nothing to do with the movie.  The female isn't even in it.

The movie about a reporter and her team doing a fluff piece on Lovecraft for Halloween.  During their reporting they learn that the horrors that Lovecraft wrote about may not be works of fiction after all.

One thing anyone watching this needs to keep in mind that this is about as low budget as a movie can get, I'm a little surprised that Netflix even has it streaming. That being said it is clear that at least the author, and presumably the director, are as big of fans of Lovecraft as yours truly. 

The acting was subpar, but that's to be expected with these types of movies, all things considered the actors could have been much worse.  The special effects were worse than the acting, however the director was aware of this and kept the use of them to a minimum.  

An example of the crappy effects (honestly not much more I can show about the movie)


In all honesty, if this movie hadn't been about HP Lovecraft I possibly would have rated it a kids popcorn.  So I can admit a certain amount of bias, but this is better than most of the indie fan movies I've seen.  This is definitely a movie for the die hard Lovecraft fans, anyone else should steer clear.

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