13 Movies of Halloween Horror: #7 The Possession

The Jewish Exorcist... at least that's what the tag line for the movie should have been.

I kid of course.  The Possession is part of the new wave of horror movies that have been coming out the past few years, and unfortunately it feels all to familiar.  There are two things all of these movies seem to have in common, haunted/possessed/creepy/evil kids (which I feel is something Hollywood picked up from Asian movies) as if the movie is supposed to instantly be scarier because it involves kids.  The other common factor are broken, or breaking, families.  Every single one of these horror movies that I've seen in recent years centers on a family with a husband and wife on the verge of divorce or already split.

The Possession is no different on either account.  If you've seen the trailer (when they aired in early 2012) you know it revolves around a girl being possessed of something that escapes a box.  Most of her initial behavior is excused because of the parents' divorce which took place 3 months ago and after 6 months of separation (during those 9 months she had no ill affects), so the lack of response on her parents' part doesn't sit well with me.  It isn't until her teacher gets involved that they really take a look at the situation.

The father, Jeffery Dean Morgan (the major reason for me wanting to see the movie), takes the box to see some professor that apparently knows about demons and Jewish possessions, which then puts him in contact with a young rabbi of some secret religious sect that exorcises demons? Not really sure who these people were.

The moments of 'horror' come from cheap shots where they target the eyes or inside of the mouth of a character, which is more squeamish than anything else.  Speaking of, one of the best moments was horribly shown in the trailer, involving the little girl finding fingers crawling up her mouth.  Another great image was during an MRI scene, but I'll leave that as it is.

On a side note, as this has nothing to do with my opinion of the movie, I don't like Kyra Sedgwick who plays the mother.


I really wanted to like this movie, which may be why I'm being to harsh on it, but I feel Jeffery Dean Morgan is a better actor than this movie showed, and it had a somewhat original spin to it by basing it off of a Jewish belief.  Unfortunately, it relied too heavily on the tired troupes of the genre, and took what could have been a good horror movie into your standard fare.

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