13 Movies of Halloween Horror: #9 The Tall Man

Title reminds me of 'The Thin Man' by Dashiell Hammett, a great novel turned into a great movie franchise.  I hadn't expected this to be anything like that, but that was all it took for me to watch this movie

Makes me wish I had higher standards.  The movie stars the oldest daughter from 7th Heaven, and a guy who looks like the robot from Aliens.  Jessica Biel is a pretty face, but never the most talented of actresses, and this shows in the movie.

Tell me the guy in the middle doesn't remind you of Bishop from the Alien movies

Unfortunately for us, her acting wasn't the only thing wrong with the movie.  It opens with a scene, then (to borrow a phrase from Dane Cook) 'tarantinoed it' back to the beginning of the story.  The issue with this is that all the scene contained was Biel being treated by a nurse.  These type of setup scenes are supposed to create an air of suspense, but it fails here.  And so goes the tone of the rest of the movie.

The movie revolves around a former mining town in Pennsylvania that's experiencing a rash of kidnappings.  The perpetrator remains elusive and only fleeting glimpses of him cause the townspeople to refer to him as The Tall Man (hey title!).

Biel's son is soon kidnapped leading to what we think is her investigating the Tall Man.  Of course because this is a movie, things don't go as planned.  A conspiracy amongst the townsfolk is revealed that turns the movie on it's head.

Jessica Biel running after her kidnapped son

The movie quickly turns from a thriller about missing kids to a political commentary about the lives of children living in impoverished neighborhoods, but once again fails to hit the mark.


After that glowing review, was there ever a doubt?

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