Detective James S. Peckman

A few weeks ago I had posted about a forth coming story that is going to be published by Mystery and Horror LLC, who published my most recent short story as well.  This new anthology Undead of Winter contains my first published story of a character that I've been working on for several years.

This character, James S. Peckman, is a paranormal detective that was introduced into a world where not only are vampires and werewolves real, but they're not the scariest creators out there.  In the dozen or so cases so far chronicalized  about JSP's career, he's faced the aforementioned vampires, and werewolves, as well as ancient alien gods, a bounty hunter for the Necronimicon, and in the frigid caves of Washington state he... well to find that one out, you'll have to read "Under the Hood of Winter" available in Undead of Winter.

Over the course of Detective Peckman's casebook profile you'll find out how the deaths of his wife and daughter drove him from his position as a respected police detective to this hidden world of monsters and creatures lurking in the fringe of our reality.  As his tales progress, you'll also learn how someone who fought godless vampires in an abandoned church can still have faith and pray to his ever handy rosary.

Unfortunately, the sad truth of James' life is, whether when he worked as a cop or ran in the shadows chasing the things that go bump, his problems can't be solved with simple prayer.  To handle the more dangerous aspects of his life he has Stacy, his service issued Glock 9mm.  At one time James also used an unnamed revolver, however that was replaced by a special weapon he picks up in Under the Hood of Winter, available now at

Pick up Undead of Winter and stay tuned here for more about Detective James S. Peckman

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