Halloween Still?

It must still be Halloween, because I just recently sign the contract for my 11th publication!

I'm happy to announce to once again be working with Mystery and Horror LLC, the great new publisher that put out my most recent story, "The Taste of Copper" in their Strangely Funny anthology.

This time around, the mood isn't so jovial as we explore the undead things lurking during the winter.  In Undead of Winter, M&H explores the horrors creeping around in the fantastically cold months, that just so happen to lie ahead of us now.  Coincidence? I think not.

The best part of this for me is that my contribution, "Under the Hood of Winter", will mark the first publishing of my paranormal detective series that many of you have heard me toting about. The main character, James S. Peckman, has been my labor of love, and in the intervening months leading to him seeing print for the first time, I'll dedicate some posts about him, and his creation within my black heart and knotted brain.

Keeping reading, and as always remember to enjoy it.

Politics, sorry for the interruption.

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