Politics, sorry for the interruption.

People always tell me I should care more about politics and especially should vote at every election. I say people need to stop being complacent and voting for 'the lesser of two evils'.  This country will not change if we keep bringing into office people we don't fully support.  Don't vote for one representative because you disagree with the other, don't blindly follow a red candidate over a blue, and sure as hell don't vote for someone based off of their skin, or even worse, the skin of their rival.

I think Chris Christie has done some real good in office, especially during/after Hurricane Sandy, but I highly disagree with his treatment of the education system and teachers in particular.  That's enough to keep me from voting for him, but doesn't that mean I'm going to automatically vote for his opposer who's name I don't even know? Not a chance, and I feel people need to stop blindingly rock the vote.

I'm all for voting if you believe this person is going to stand by the merits that they ran on to get to this position.  Someone is going to say I have no right to criticize if I don't vote at the polls today.  So hear this, my vote is for a new electoral process and new notions in throughout the government. Until I see a candidate that I believe can deliver that, I'll continue treating elections like a spectator sport.

Detective James S. Peckman

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