New Year: Same Excuses

I was never one to give much credence to New Year's Resolutions.  To me they seemed doomed from the start to fail.  If you need a resolution to save more money, you clearly have a larger issue at hand that's already out of your control.  You shouldn't have to rely on a particular date to begin a diet if you're not happy with your body.  And if you have to rely on a fake promise to yourself to be more productive with whatever it is that concerns you, your heart clearly isn't in it.

This is why I've never really made resolutions, and I'm not about to begin now.  But, however, nonetheless, anyhow, howbeit (didn't even know that was a word) I will make an attempt to write a new post every week. And not just for this year, but for as long as this blog is up (cue 52 week countdown for destruction of the internet)

Even though this is a free site, I feel you deserve a better, more consistent experience. I've already got the next two week's posts planned so that puts me ahead of the curve.

All that's left to say is; lose that weight, save that money, and do that work, and of course keep reading and as always enjoy it.

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