Free Thoughts 4/4/14

Growing up I never really had an issue with pimples.  Sure I got the stray bump while going through those awkward teenage years, but it was never so bad as a problem.  My skin, aside from the various scars I've acquired from the follies of youth, has always been mostly blemish free.

Why am I telling you this? Perhaps because it's three a.m. Thursday night, or if you prefer early Friday morning.  I'm of the belief that it's not the next day until you've gone to sleep and awoke on the other side of the hours past. Although, if that were true with my insomnia I'd be living a year behind everyone (time travel is possible!)

But the other reason I mention my very limited experience with pimples, is that I'm currently sporting two on my forehead greeting my hairline.  Granted in a few years my hair will have retreated away from this point on my head.  They're small, inconspicuous bumps most people probably can't notice but I sure as hell do.

I'm pretty much hoping they are in fact the result of spider bite for the simple fact that the alternative suggests that stress is the cause.  Those who know me well, know I am not one who stresses.  Things roll off my back with ease, and I can find the good in almost any situation.

So what is it at this point in my life do I have to stress about?  Hopefully just spiders in the bed.  Sleep well readers.

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