Batman's Rogues: The Other Villains Week 5

In the final installment of Batman's Rogues, we take a look at a character that may just be the most popular villain never to make it to the big screen. And on the flipside, a villain that will most likely never appear again... anywhere.

Week 4:
Harley Quinn – Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel
First Appearance – Batman: The Animated Series “Joker's Favor” (September 1992)
Created by – Paul Dini and Bruce Timm

Brief History:
Possibly the biggest omission from the multiple Batman movie universes is fan favorite (and only character of this feature to first appear in a cartoon) the Joker's on-again off-again girlfriend, Harley Quinn.
She was created as a one-off side character in the Batman: The Animated Series, however the character received such high praise , that she was brought back in subsequent episodes, until she was introduced into the comic world in The Batman Adventures series (which was itself based off of the cartoon) thus cementing her place in the Bat-mythos.

Harley has played different roles in her costumed career, however it all started when she was a doctor at Arkham Asylum. There she became at first enamored, and eventually fell in love, with the man who would define her life for most of her existence, The Joker.

She's grown as her own character, and not simply a tool for Joker to use, and even currently headlines her own series as part of the New 52 for DC Comics. At times she embraced her criminal roots, while at other times she swayed closer to the side of the law, most notably during her pairing with Catwoman and Poison Ivy in the Gotham City Sirens comic series.

Personal Favorite Moment:
My favorite moment for Harley Quinn was during the aforementioned Gotham City Sirens run. After teaming with Catwoman and Poison Ivy for many issues, she betrays the two to break into Arkham Asylum planning on killing the Joker for all the years of abuse. During her break in, she displays the skills she's learned from Joker by manipulating some of the guards and brutally killing others. As she enters Joker's cell, ready to kill him, the site of him brings back all the good times she shared with him, and they decide to take the asylum over. It begins as an impressive example of Harley's own self sufficiency, but quickly dovetails to proof of her own fractured psyche and reliance on Joker and the hold he has over her.

Kite Man – Charles “Chuck” Brown
First appearance – Batman #133 (August 1960)
Created by – Bill Finger and Dick Sprang

Brief History:
*Sigh* Oh the life that was Kite Man. Chuck Brown began his criminal career by employing 'trick' kites to attempt his crimes. I say 'attempt' because I don't believe Kite Man has successfully committed a single crime, constantly being thwarted by Batman, Batgirl and other heroes.

No tragic back story has ever been revealed in the comics, however the character was featured in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold cartoon, where it was explained that as a kid, Charles was a fan of Ben Franklin and made an attempt at recreating the famous lightning-kite experiment. For some inexplicable reason, the kid with metal braces decided to conduct this experiment while standing in a bucket of water. While this origin may not be canon to the comic universe, it's the only one we have.

Personal Favorite Moment:
Honestly, I don't have a favorite Kite Man moment; no one does, not even his creators.

By default I'll list his appearance in the 25th issue of the weekly comic 52. Already thought dead, “killed” by Deathstroke by being thrown off skyscraper. That's right the guy whose whole gimmick is flying, was thought so little of, they believed a fall would kill him. As it was revealed, Chuck survived the fall, only to be captured along side several other Q-list villains and was actually eaten by a Superman villain.

Thank you for coming along with on this journey through the deeper more obscure bowels of the Gotham underground. I hope you had as much fun revisiting (or possibly discovering for the first time) some of the more colorful rogues to plague Batman's war on crime in Gotham City.

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Batman's Rogues: The Other Villains Week 4