Here is where you can follow my continuing struggles of becoming a published author.  I'll be posting the rejection letters I've already received, and unfortunately will most likely receive in the future.  I'm going to continue this page even after I do become published to remind of the struggle it took, and will continue to take.

Rejection 1 First Rejection

Rejection 2 No Lights Rejection

Rejection 3 Liquid Marble Rejection

Rejection 4 Hypothermia Rejection

Rejection 5 Little Changes

Rejection 6 Full Circle

Rejection 7 Full Circle (again)

Rejection 8 Little Changes (again)

Rejection 9 Kichin' Ass So You Don't Have To

Rejection 10 Breaking from the Pack

Rejection 11 Remember Me

Rejection 12 The Statue Garden

Rejection 13 Skullkickers

Free Thoughts 8/21 (my 30th birthday)

Free Thoughts 8/15