WWE Roadblock: End of the Line Predictions

WWE Roadblock: End of the Line Predictions

I may not mention it often on this site, but I'm a big wrestling fan, WWE to be precise. With that in mind, I've decided to start a new feature for azarrising.com. On the Sunday of a PPV I will post my predictions, along with those of my roommate, Pink. On the Monday after, I'll be posting the results, and which of us "won". Full disclosure, Pink does not watch every Raw/Smackdown and primarily gets his info from second hand recounting. 

Here we go. Emanating from the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is Roadblock: End of the Line. And as the PPV with the longest name in WWE history, we've got seven match ups including the pre-show match.

Speaking of:


Pre-show match: Big Cass v Rusev w/ Lana

Pink is going with Rusev thinking the feud is too fresh for Big Cass to win and end the feud. I, on the other hand think no matter who wins the feud will continue beyond this PPV. With that being said, I think Big Cass will win with the help of Enzo who is meant to be "injured".

Pink - Rusev

Alex - Big Cass



Sami Zayn v Braun Strowman (ten minute time limit match)

The match has been built to favor Strowman, leading many to believe Sami to come out on top. I, for one, buy into the hype. As much as WWE likes the underdog story, they've spent too much time building Strowman as a monster heel. I think Zayn will have a good showing, but after the 9 minute mark hits, Strowman will decimate him. Pink sees Zayn surviving the 10 minutes, but just barely. A late count out, or a pin where the three count falls after the 10 minutes pass. 

Pink - Sami Zayn

Alex - Braun Strowman


Rich Swann(c) v Brian Kendrick v TJ Perkins (Cruiserweight Championship Match)

After trading the belt among the three of them, the main event cruiserweights are having a triple threat for the belt. I'll admit that neither Pink nor I watch 205 Live, and I feel like we've only been getting half the story, but with everything being recapped on Raw, I think we've got the full story. The veteran Brian Kendrick has Pink's support, thinking he'll use his experience and chicanery will edge out the competition. Pretty much using the opposite argument, I think Swann will retain simply because he hasn't had the belt long enough. 

Pink - The Brian Kendrick

Alex - Rich Swann


The New Day(c) v Cesaro & Sheamus (Raw Tag Team Championship)

Next up, we're looking at the tag team championship match between The New Day and Cesaro and Sheamus. The New Day has just broke the record of championship with the longest reign. With that in mind, I don't think WWE will take the belts off of them just yet. However, with The New Day using shady tactics more and more to retain their belts recently, Pink thinks the time has come for them to drop the belts and turn full heel again. I see that happening, but down the line in a month or two under a stipulation match where their cheating won't come into play.

Pink - Cesaro & Sheamus

Alex - The New Day


Sasha Banks(c) v Charlotte (30 Minute Iron Man match for the Raw Women's Championship)

This feud has been back and forth longer than it should have, and yet these two women continue to impress. Their recent falls count anywhere match was the perfect end to the rivalry, as it was advertised to be, however the following week tonight's match was made. I'm the most nervous about this match, but have faith that the two will tear the house down with a great match. Pink believes Charlotte will win straight up, but I think there's going to more to the match with the women exchanging a few falls, and it ends in a tie. Foley or Stephanie McMahon  will come out to restart it with a new time limit and Charlotte will extend her PPV win record. 

Pink - Charlotte

Alex - Charlotte (after time extension)


Chris Jericho v Seth Rollins

This is the only straight up one on one match on the main card without a belt on the line. Then of course WWE needs to throw a curveball into the mix, right? Pink doesn't think so. He believe since Jericho is at a stage in his career where he doesn't actually care about championships, and rather elevates younger talent, Rollins is going to win this one clean. I think WWE is going to use this match to extend the Owens/Jericho story, and have Owens interfere in this match on Jericho's behalf to get him the win, Owens hoping Jericho will reciprocate later on in the night.

Pink - Seth Rollins

Alex - Chris Jericho


Main Event - Kevin Owens(c) v Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Championship)

The match no one wanted for the Universal belt. After WWE distanced themselves from Roman for a week or two, he was given the US title, and is on the cusp of becoming a dual champion. Reigns has done nothing for the US Championship (so little in fact, it's not on the line for the PPV) but WWE thinks despite all the boos fans want him in the main even title picture. Owens on the other hand has been having a great story with Jericho that doesn't even involve the Universal title, the two belts have become forgotten props in the match. Would a win for Roman help him, or hurt the belt? If Owens retains, does he go on to feud with Jericho over the belt? Either way, Pink and I agree Roman Reigns does not walk out with the Universal Championship title. Pink doesn't believe Roman deserves it, and I think Owens needs a clean win during his reign

Pink - Kevin Owens

Alex - Kevin Owens

I just noticed the only belt I have changing hands in the Women's, whereas Pink has them all changing hands except the Universal. Check back tomorrow for the full PPV results, and see who wins between Pink and I.

All images courtesy of WWE
WWE Roadblock: End of the Line - Results

WWE Roadblock: End of the Line - Results

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