WWE Roadblock: End of the Line - Results

WWE Roadblock: End of the Line - Results

Welcome to the results for WWE Roadblock: End of the Line, read on to see who had more correct picks between Pink or I.


Big Cass v Rusev

Predictions: Pink - Rusev ----- Alex - Big Cass

We start things off with the Pre-Show match, and this was one of the better pre-show matches in a while, especially for a Raw PPV. It wasn't just all the cruiserweights that didn't have a match thrown in together. The story between Rusev and Enzo and Cass has been building for weeks, and while this wasn't the blow off match for them, it was good enough to continue the build. What I don't like with all of Rusev's storylines of late is that he's defending his wife's honor against someone who disrespected her, but because they're foreign we're supposed to boo him, even though he's in the right. During the match, both Pink and I were correct, I had a feeling the end was going to involve Enzo, but Pink was correct that Rusev would ultimately win the match.

Winner: Rusev (Pink)


The New Day(c) v Cesaro & Sheamus (Raw Tag Team Championship)

Predictions: Pink - Cesaro & Sheamus ----- Alex - The New Day

Opening up the PPV proper was the tag belts on the line. It was a good match between the two teams, but not the best we've seen between them. The New Day went with the familiar duo of Big E and Kofi Kingston, leaving Xavier Woods up to his usual antics, interfering in the match on several occasions. There were close calls on both sides of the ring, but the end came about when Cesaro refused a tag from Sheamus and tricking Kofi, eating a Trouble in Paradise for his efforts. This left Sheamus, the legal man open for the pin, and the 1, 2, 3. 

Winners: Cesaro & Sheamus (Pink)


Sami Zayn v Braun Strowman (ten minute time limit match)

Predictions: Pink - Sami Zayn ----- Alex - Braun Strowman

Next up was what was supposed to be a glorified squash match. Sami Zayn going up against the mountain of a man that brought James Ellsworth into the WWE, Braun Strowman. The match started off slow as one would expect in this kind of fight, but as things built up Strowman was clearly in charge. The beat down got so bad that Mick Foley came out to throw in the towel on behalf of Sami, who of course refused it. This whole ordeal ate about 2 minutes of the bout, and started the turn in favor of Zayn. While he was never able to really put Strowman down, Sami survived the time limit, and thus won the match. 

Winner: Sami Zayn (Pink) things are not looking good for me with three straight loses. 


Chris Jericho v Seth Rollins

Predictions: Pink - Seth Rollins ----- Alex - Chris Jericho

Another match where both of us were technically correct in our predictions, because after a mediocre match (compared to what they've done with each other in the past) Kevin Owens interferes on Jericho's behalf. Unfortunately, for him, and for me, he inadvertently costs Jericho the match, allowing Rollins to hit the pedigree. 

Winner: Seth Rollins (Pink) starting to get worried, not going to lie.


Rich Swann(c) v TJ Perkins v The Brian Kendrick

Predictions: Pink - The Brian Kendrick ----- Alex - Rich Swann

Up next we've got cruiserweight action, and it was a good match. There were a few botches, but overall they had some good spots, quick action, and the three gentlemen told a compelling story. After eating a double super kick from the other two, Kendrick was taken out of the match, assuring Pink would finally get one incorrect. Rich Swann follows up the superkick with another kick on Perkins, and getting the win.

Winner: Rich Swann (Alex) yay! I'm on the board


Sasha Banks(c) v Charlotte (30 Minute Iron Man match)

Predictions: Pink - Charlotte ----- Alex - Charlotte

The first of two matches where Pink and I had the same prediction, I'm guaranteed to lose by 3 points. While I think this feud has been going on too long, I've been enjoying their matches for the first part. Unfortunately, this match wasn't the strongest of the series to end their rivalry on. After about 15 or so minutes of no pinfalls/submissions the two traded points with Charlotte tying the score with a submission on Sasha in the final seconds of the 30 min. The ref calls the match go into sudden death overtime, and Charlotte continues her PPV win streak, as anticipated. Also, I'm still wondering when Sasha busted her nose/mouth, because that was a lot of blood.

Winner: Charlotte (Pink & Alex) although I'm giving myself an extra point for calling the tie and restart.


Kevin Owens(c) v Roman Reigns

Predictions: Pink - Kevin Owens ----- Alex - Kevin Owens

Main event time, Owens the champ defending against Reigns, a champ who isn't defending his belt. Best part of the match very may well be when Owens had Reigns in a modified choke, and audibly asked "If you're so tough why don't you put your title on the line!?" In all honesty, Owens had an amazing match, like he always does. Roman was Roman. Typically that means he's decent, and elevated by the wrestler he's in the ring with. This time, however, while Owens was shining, Reigns looked lost and couldn't keep up. The end comes about when Chris Jericho does a run in and delivers a code breaker to... Kevin Owens. It was expected, and it kept the belt on Owens, who we learn is still Jericho's best friend as Chris handed Kevin the belt with a smile and hug. The two try to flee an enraged Reigns, but were cut off by Seth Rollins. For his effort, Jericho is put through the Spanish announce team table, then Owens was power bombed through the Raw announce table.

Winner: Kevin Owens (Pink & I)

Final tally: Alex - 4 (adjusted to include an extra point for accurately predicting the Charlotte/Sasha bout)

                 Pink - 6 (winner)


Let me know what you think of this format, and if you'd like to see more. With enough positive feedback, maybe Pink and I will start putting our dignity on the line in some form of bet. 

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WWE Roadblock: End of the Line Predictions

WWE Roadblock: End of the Line Predictions