Rejection 15: Tears of a Mother

Rejection 15: Tears of a Mother

I'm proud to say that rejections don't beat me up like they used to before I was published. Now I've got a little more than a couple handfuls of publications under my belt, and if you haven't heard, I won an award for my book "Nightmare Noir", I even checked off a bucket list item in having a comic published drawn by my bestfriend (did I gloat enough?), but sometimes rejections still get to me.

I get annoyed at 'form rejections' where the publisher just copy and pastes a rejection email inserting my name where applicable, but I understand that's a necessary evil in this business.

It bothers me when a submission makes it to the short list, meaning my story made it through the first few rounds of rejections, but then after months of waiting, it ultimately doesn't make it.

I think it's wrong for publishers to not reply in any form after an excessive amount of time, but still I can keep my hopes up.

Sometimes I truly believe a story is not only exceptional, but also a perfect fit for a certain anthology, and I become baffled when it doesn't make it in, but again, I understand

But the worst is when a perfect storm of rejections compile into a single soul crushing defeat. This describes the email below;

Hi Alex,

thank you for submitting your story for review with us. We just finalized our line up for the collection, and while we thought your story was excellent, it didn't fit with the other stories we had already collected.

Thank you again for submitting and look forward to hearing from you again in the future!


Editor - H***** C********* 2016

As a creator, the cliche holds true, I am my own worst critic, so when I write something that I truly like from the moment I write the end, I'm pleasantly surprised. Such was the case for Tears of a Mother, and so I was delighted when I came across (or directed by my friend Marc Sorondo, check him out here) a call for submissions that was asking exactly the kind of story that Tears is. Because of that, it was frustrating when I hadn't heard anything from them in over double the length their website says it would take to hear back. 

At that point I began flirting with the idea of sending the story elsewhere, but I don't like doing that to publishers. Thankfully, after I inquired with them, I was told that there was some personnel changes at the company, but that my story had made it to the short list. Two months later I received the above form rejection.

Ultimately, I understand just because I think one thing, doesn't mean it'll happen. Regardless, Tears of a Mother will find a home with the right publisher, and I'll be happy. So, as the song goes, "on to the next one".

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