WWE Royal Rumble - Results

WWE Royal Rumble - Results

Welcome back to AzarRising WWE PPV results. Today we take a look at last night's Royal Rumble. We're going to go through each match one by one, and we're not only going to see which wrestlers one, but we're going to see if Pink or I won in our fan voting. Have I tied it up, or has Pink pulled a comfortable undefeated lead?


Pre-Show - Naomi, Nikki Bella, Becky Lynch (Team Face) v Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Mickie James (Team Heel)

Predictions: Pink - Team Heel ----- Alex - Team Heel

I'm not too sure what to say about this match other than Pink and I both got this wrong. Not only did the faces win, but Alexa Bliss was pinned for the loss by Naomi. Clearly WWE plans on building a story for Naomi to challenge Bliss for the title, which I think she deserves, but strongly feel this was the wrong way to go about it. Not only did they make the champion look weak eating a clean pinfall, but they made the title further insignificant by having it in a non-title match on the PPV kickoff. But, hey at least Naomi looked strong, right? They have to capitalize on this by giving her the belt now.

Winners: Team Face (no one)

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Pre-Show match Cesaro & Sheamus (c) v Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (Raw Tag Team Championship with 2 refs)

RR Cesaro n Sheamus v Club.jpg

Predictions: Pink - Gallows and Anderson ----- Alex - Cesaro & Sheamus

I stand by what I said, these two teams can have an amazing match, once again this was not it. That isn't to say it wasn't a good match, but it wasn't what I, and so many more fans, are waiting from these two teams. The two ref stipulation was stupid to being with, but was then forced to 'matter' during the match. A few instances of chicanery to involve the outside ref were thrown into the match, but the most grievance infraction during the match went unpunished when Sheamus Brogue kicked the in-ring ref, and after some distractions the Club gets the win. But with the second ref, shouldn't the match have been thrown out with a club victory via DQ? Granted, I would have lost the vote, but at least Cesaro & Sheamus would at least have retained the champion. But to further the uselessness of dual refs, Sheamus' tights were pulled during the roll up which should have thrown out the count. Either way, this was a match only deserving of being on the pre-show, but the titles deserve more. 

Winners: Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (Pink)


Pre-Show match Sasha Banks v Nia Jax

RR Nia v Sasha.jpg

Predictions: Pink - Nia Jax ----- Alex - Sasha Banks

This is how they end the Pre-show? The match was fine enough, but to not have the title match as the final match? That seems wrong,. but I guess not as wrong as the Smackdown champs not even showing up during the PPV. Anyway, this match was uninspired, is the best I can describe it, from the build up, to the execution, and through to the finish. I'm writing this only a few hours after the match has finished, and I already forgot how Nia won, that says a lot about the match, and obviously not in a good way. I'm glad their behind Jax getting a continued push as a dominant heel, but this was a poor showing from the both of the ladies.

Winner: Nia Jax (Pink)


Charlotte (c) v Bayley (Raw Women's Championship)

Predictions: Pink -  Bayley ----- Alex - Charlotte

I feel like this was he first time since being called up to the main roster that Bayley really showed why she was so beloved on NXT, and as good as this match was, I expect their next match to be even better. There isn't much to say about this match, other than both competitors put on very good showings, and sometimes when it comes to a pure wrestling match that's the best compliment one could give. However, there is one thing I feel the need to say. Charlotte won with a Natural Selection on the ring apron, and picked up a clean 1, 2, 3. They seem more confident in her booking and it's a great thing for her. Then why the hell would Charlotte try to use the ropes for leverage during the Figure 8? In reality, it provided no extra leverage, and maybe only weakened her stance in the move, and concerning the ring mentality, it shows her as the weak heel of old where she needs to cheat to get by. Because it had nothing to do with the finish of the match, it doesn't diminish the victory for her, but it's confusing booking, that could lead to a problem for her. But overall, I'm glad to see her streak continue, so Bayley can beat it at 'Mania to win her first WWE gold.

Winner: Charlotte (Alex)

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Kevin Owens (c) Roman Reigns (Universal Championship with Chris Jericho suspended in a shark cage, No DQ match)

RR Owens v Reigns.jpg

Predictions: Pink - Kevin Owens ----- Alex - Kevin Owens

That spot of Owens going through the pyramid of chairs looked painful! Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. The match was very much a paint by numbers deal concerning the stipulations. Although, I will say that I did not see Braun Strowman as the one interfering. I was an item away from predicting Jericho's tool of interference, but I'm happy I was close enough along the lines. But Kevin using the brass knuckles o get a near pinfall leaves a few questions, not the least of which is why the hell didn't he hold on to them and hit Roman again? Also, fuck Roman Reigns for kicking out of a brass knuckle superman punch. Even before that though, the frog-splash  through the table on the outside, was damned impressive, and I thought Owens broke Reigns' face for real until the replay showed he hit the chest first. (that brings up another thing. WWE needs to stop having those full screen replays. the little corner ones where we can continue to watch the live show is more than enough, thank you.) However it happened, I'm glad to see Roman didn't walk out with the belt yet. He's not as bad as the crowds make him out to be, but between not being THAT great and Vince trying to shove 'the big guy' down our throats (sounds dirty) they really need to put Roman on the back burner and let other stars shine. He'll get back to the top, and he'll deserve it, but not yet.

Winner: Kevin Owens (Pink & Alex)

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Rich Swann (c) v Neville

RR Swann v Neville.jpg

Predictions: Pink - Neville ----- Alex - Neville

I'm glad to see the crowd didn't fall asleep during this match as I expected, but this was a good match from two solid performers. My biggest gripe with the match was that the commentary and story was practically identical to TJ Perkins and The Brian Kendrick's story line to open up the cruiserweight division. The former mentor turns on his protege because the light was stolen from him, and he needs to shine now. I mean the only difference is that Kendrick had the whole 'I'm old' angle. Regardless, this was a fine showing for Swann, and a nice coronation for the King of the Cruiserweights, Neville, who picks up the win with a nice looking submission after a brutal looking super-plex.

Winner: Neville (Pink & Alex)

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AJ Styles (c) v John Cena (WWE Championship)

RR Styles v Cena.jpg

Predictions: Pink - John Cena ----- Alex - John Cena

Following their last match at Summerslam, we knew they could put on a great match, and they didn't disappoint. This was easily the match of the night, although not as good as their previous bout. AJ looked strong, seemingly ripping part of Cena's face off with a Stylesclash, but John fought back with some impressive moves of his own. It was a nice back and forth match, even though I 'knew' John was going to win, there were plenty of points where Styles looked like he was going to get the W. The false finishes were believable, and that's when they work best. Cena hit a slew of AA's, but the roll through he did to get the final one was sloppy, and felt forced for a 'new' way of hitting his signature move. All in all, it was an enjoyable match, and I marked out when I thought Cena was going to tie Ric Flair's record with his own move. I'm not sure if I'm relieved or not that he didn't, I would have liked to have seen how that played out, but it would have been wrong as hell.

Winner: John Cena (Pink & Alex)


Royal Rumble Match

 Predictions: Pink - Surprise - Finn Balor, #3 Cesaro, #2 Dean Ambrose, #1 Finn Balor

                     Alex - Surprise - Samoa Joe, #3 Finn Balor, #2 Chris Jericho, #1 The Undertaker

For a Rumble match with so much potential, this feels like a massive let down in some ways. Of all of the rumored and potential surprise entrants, we got Enzo and Roman Reigns. Of all the new superstars ready for a push, Braun Strowman gets eliminated unceremoniously by Baron Corbin, who did very little else in the match. Big Cass, the #1 entrant, did nothing.Brock got dicked around again (which truthfully I'm glad for it). Big Show was a wasted entrant, as was Mark Henry, Kalisto, and all the other unannounced entrants, except for Tye Dillenger, who was where I expected him to be at #10. Than fans popped huge for him, and it was great to see him last as long as he did, but he didn't do anything memorable. Kofi's moment was not nearly as impressive as the anncouners made it out to be (not that I could do it, but still it was no walking on his hands, or chair pogo stick). Dispite not winning, Undertake and Jericho both had good showings until they were eliminated by Reigns, who had no reason or right to be in that match. The only reason why he was in it, and did as well as he did, was so fans could boo him and think he was going to win, and then cheer even louder when Orton won it. Vince knew that Orton winning, would get the pop he wanted on its own, so he built that false despair of Reigns possibly winning to elevate Randy's win. But once again, that leaves some questions to be answered. If WWE creative knew that Orton's win wouldn't achieve what they wanted, why give it to him? And if WWE is still backing Reigns, why would they burying him with boos before eliminating him? Also, is Reigns going to feud with Braun who cost him the Universal title, or Undertaker who is now pissed he was eliminated by him? Is the answer both, and Roman will feud with Strowman initially, but come 'Mania time he faces the Dead Man? Either way, I'm not interested. I am curious to see if, as a friend suggested, Bray will win the WWE title at Elimination Chamber and then defend it against Orton at 'Mania? That would be a fun match, but I don't have faith in WWE giving Bray that big of a win just yet. We shall see.

Winner: Randy Orton (no one)

Pink - 5

Alex - 4

Another PPV in the books, and this is not the start I wanted. Pink is 2 - 0, but this was a close one throughout. Let me know what you think, and who you voted for in the comments below. Thanks and see you next time the PPV bell rings.


All images courtesy of WWE
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WWE Royal Rumble - Predictions

WWE Royal Rumble - Predictions