WWE: Elimination Chamber - Predictions

WWE: Elimination Chamber - Predictions

And we're back again, only two weeks after Royal Rumble we've got the 2017 Elimination Chamber.Pink and I are here with our predictions, a side of color commentary.

The biggest drawback to WWE's new PPV schedule is the lack of build up time for the major feuds. 


Pre-show Match: Mojo Rawley vs Curt Hawkins

I had no idea this match was even on the card. I don't know when it was added, and only found out about it when I was preparing this post. I vaguely remember them in the ring at the same time recently, but that was in no way a build to a feud. With so little information to go on, Pink is giving the win to Curt Hawkins, because 'why not?'. In similar thought, I'm going with Mojo simply to be different from Pink, so we can't start off on a tie.

Pink - Curt Hawkins

Double A- Mojo Rawley


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Apollo Crews and Kalisto vs Dolph Ziggler (2-on-1 Handicap Match)

It seems so long ago that Dolph had that amazing feud with The Miz, but it really wasn't that far back. This heel turn was supposed to be a boost to his stock on the card, but feuding with Crews and Kalisto aren't enough of a threat (even together) for people to care. Ziggler needs to feud with a better liked face for this heel run to mean anything, then once he's established he can elevate lower faces. Right now it just feels like WWE is wasting him. Pink and I both are giving Ziggler the win. His heel turn has been nothing but him losing and throwing temper tantrums, he needs a win for credence. 

Pink - Dolph Ziggler

Double A - Dolph Ziggler


Nikki Bella vs Natalya

The feud no one cares about, especially if Nikki's rumored Wrestlemania plans are true (more on that later). This feud is a rehash of the Nikki-Carmella feud a few months back, and even stems from that one with Carmella outing Natalya as the attacker at Survivor Series. If Natalya were to win, it would extend this feud, and Pink believes it's time for Nikki to move on to someone else. I agree, but more because that aforementioned rumor is that she will be teaming with her real life boyfriend John Cena at Mania to go against Miz and Maryse. I don't really believe that'l happen, but anything will be better than this feud with Natalya going a day longer.

Pink - Nikki Bella

Double A - Nikki Bella


Luke Harper vs Randy Orton

This can be great, possible match of the night, if both men are on their best games. The build up has been there with the inevitable betrayal of Orton on the Wyatt Family, but to have the tables turn with Luke rebel against Bray because of Orton was one of the bettermoves WWE has done recently. As the new #1 contender with his Royal Rumble win, Randy will most likely win, and Pink thinks this will most likely end Luke's involvement with Bray (once again, more on that later). On the other hand, I think no matter who wins, Luke will remain close to Bray, even if only for a short time longer. I think Harper will win, but in a dirty win, possibly with the help of a returning Eric Rowan.

Pink - Randy Orton

Double A - Luke Harper


Becky Lynch vs Mickie James

The grudge match so intense Becky Lynch forgot about her pursuit of the title. As La Luchadora, Mickie James has been a thorn in Becky's side keeping her from winning the belt from Alexis, leading to this bout. James has had one or two matches since her return, but this is her first major singles match. For that Pink believes she's going to win, and his major crush on her since she first showed up. While I'm tempted to agree that Mickie could use a win, she's also a returning veteran that's here to put others over, plus Lynch has been losing too often, and she needs a win, and I'm giving it to her here. 

Pink - Mickie James

Double A - Becky Lynch


American Alpha (c) vs Heath Slater & Rhyno vs The Usos vs The Ascension vs Breezango vs The Vaudevillains (Tag Team Turmoil match for the Smackdown Live Tag Belts)

American Alpha was no where to be seen two weeks ago at Royal Rumble and that was noticed by many. Surely they noticed and started a program in a big way. An open challenge turned into the entire tag locker room emptying to the ring. It was a hot start, and this tag team turmoil match feels like a let down, but then again we sure as hell don't want another tag team elimination chamber match, so maybe this is for the best. WWE has tried building the tag division on Smackdown, so there are a decent amount of teams, but the caliber of teams is lacking. The Ascension, apparently showed promise on NXT, but since their call-up have been constantly buried with no signs of promise. Same goes for The Vaudevillains. Breezango is purely a comedy act, and will never be anything more in their current fashion police schtick. Slater and Rhyno started as a comedy act, won the belts, lost the belts, teased a breakup, and are still around somehow. In my eyes, that leaves American Alpha and The Usos. I see potential in AA, but The Usos are the only team that deserves the belts, that hasn't had them since the brand split. Pink feels The Usos need more time to get back to where they were as faces.

Pink - American Alpha

Double A - The Usos


Alexa Bliss (c) vs Naomi (Smackdown Women's Championship)

Of all the matches, this was the shortest when Pink and I were discussing who would win. He feels Naomi isn't ready for the belt, whereas I think she's overdue. Bliss has been a decent champ with great facial expressions, but with Mickie James busy earlier in the night, I don't think she'll be around to help Bliss out. Naomi is taking this one clean.

Pink - Alex Bliss

Double A - Naomi


John Cena (c) vs AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose vs The Miz vs Baron Corbin vs Bray Wyatt (Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Heavyweight belt) 

Each of these superstars have shined recently on Smackdown, and all have some claim for the belt, but off the bat, I don't think Ambrose, Miz, or Corbin have any substantial shot at winning this, although I'd like to be surprised if my pick doesn't win. Cena is clearly on the road to breaking Flair's record, but he can't do that without losing the belt one more time. AJ deserves it, but the storyline isn't there. Bray also deserves the belt, hasn't had a singles belt yet, and has a built in storyline with Orton as the Rumble winner. This is the feud everyone wants, and that Pink and I are expecting to see develop, with or without the rest of the Wyatts; even though I hate having the same pick as Pink for the main event. On another note, I'm intrigued about the 'new' chamber design they've been talking about. I've heard them mention changes to the actual structure, but I don't recall them saying what any of the changes actually are. I'm guessing they've made the thing lighter, so more stadiums can support it, but I don't know how they may have done that. Anyway, here's to hoping Bray Wyatt can finally win the big one. 

Pink - Bray Wyatt

Double A - Bray Wyatt


A quick note, I won't be watching the PPV live, so expect my results post later in the week. Sorry about the delay.


All images courtesy of wwe.com

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