WWE: Elimination Chamber - Results

WWE: Elimination Chamber - Results

First things first, I apologize for the delay, I really wish I was able to watch this live, but I also want to remain in a relationship, so compromise.  

I desperately need a win here, because I don't think I can come back from a 3-0 deficit anytime soon. Either way I'm looking forward to this PPV.. So let's see how things play out.

Pre-show: Mojo Rawley vs Curt Hawkins

EC Mojo-Hawkins.jpg

Predictions: Pink - Curt Hawkins ----- Double A - Mojo Rawley

Like I said during the predictions, I had no idea this match was even on the card, or what the buildup for this was. Both guys are reliable workers, but without a reason for this fight, it was hard for the men to tell a story in a ring. This was serviceable for a Smackdown match, but they could have done a little something more for a Pre-show match. In the end Mojo wins, because faces usually win on the pre-show, so I'm on the board first. Yay!

Winner: Mojo Rawley (Double A)



Becky Lynch vs Mickie James

Predictions: Pink - Mickie James ----- Double A - Becky Lynch

Initially I was surprised this match opened the PPV, but it made sense since both ladies are solid workers, and can tell an intriguing story in the ring, and we were not disappointed. Even in defeat James was able to remind everyone why her name deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Lita and Trish Stratus. Surprisingly, I think this was a weaker showing for Lynch. She wasn't bad by any stretch, but we've seen her put on much better matches. 

Winner: Becky Lynch (Alex)


Apollo Crews & Kalisto vs Dolph Ziggler (2-on-1 Handicap Match)

Predictions: Pink - Ziggler ----- Double A - Ziggler

Is it just me, or is WWE creative making the exact opposite mistake with Ziggler as they are Roman Reigns? They're trying to get Reigns over as a super face like John Cena, but they're going about it by forcing him down our throats in matches he doesn't deserve to be in yet (key word is yet). Whereas with Ziggler, they're trying to make him a heel, but he's beating up faces no one cheers for, and is put in matches no one cares about it. If he's going to get over as a heel, he needs to fight someone the fans want to win, instead of losing a match, beating up the duo, and getting a "Thank you Ziggler" chant. The match in itself was a text book bout, Ziggler beats up Kalisto before making his way to the ring, but one toss to the screen shouldn't have been expected to take him out of the whole fight. Of course, as soon as Crews is in real trouble, Kalisto makes his way to the ring apron, and we have a proper 2-on-1 match, and the faces win. But like I mentioned, Ziggler beats the two up after, and is cheered out of the ring. Not what WWE was expecting, I'm sure.

Winners: Apollo Crews & Kalisto (no one)


American Alpha (c) vs The Ascension vs Heath Slater & Rhyno vs The Usos vs Breezango vs The Vaudevillians (Tag Team Turmoil match for the Smackdown Tag Belts)

Predictions: Pink - American Alpha ----- Double A - The Usos

Really, this is just an example of The Ascension not having WWE's support. Maybe it's the gimmick, but the two wrestlers showed promise in NXT, but they have been constantly shitted on since being called up. As for the match, everything went as expected with the first four teams, Slater and Rhyno started against Breezango, The fashion police lost, and were replaced by the time travelers. The Vaudevillains lost and enter The Usos. The twins got their heat by beating the Cinderella face team. Usos and American Alpha had a good back and forth, it was a good match, and would have been a worthy end when the Usos lost. Instead, The bad twins didn't take the elimination well and went to town beating up Alpha. They absolutely destroyed the tag champs, and practically handed the belts to the last team in the match, The Ascension. Somehow, they still weren't able to finish the job, and Alpha were impressive in their victory, sitting comfortably on top of the Smackdown tag division. 

Winners: American Alpha (Pink)


Nikki Bella vs Natalya

Predictions: Pink - Nikki Bella ----- Double A - Nikki Bella

If Vince and WWE creative can't put the effort for a better story than a double count out, I'm not wasting any more words than I have to. It's a shame really, because this was probably the best match I've seen Nikki Bella have, and they ended it in a double count out. Double count outs never work! Please if anyone can think of a match with a good double count out ending, please comment and let me know. Also, this ending means they're going to prolong this story that no one wants

Winner: Double Count out (no one, no one in the world wins in this scenario)


Luke Harper vs Randy Orton

Predictions: Pink - Randy Orton ----- Double A - Luke Harper

Somebody call the cops, because these boys just stole the show. I'm too lazy, and too far behind my schedule to look back, but I'm pretty sure I said in the predictions that this had the potential to be the match of the night, and these guys sure as hell delivered. Randy is Randy, no one ever expects him to have a bad match, and Luke Harper has shown signs of brilliance in the ring, and he was finally given the stage to impress the entire WWE Universe. It was always clear the Randy was going to win this match, especially coming off the Rumble win, and I knew this, but knowing the Harper had the potential to be a top level worker, I wanted to bet against the odds, even if it meant help from a returning Eric Roawn. Either way, I'm happy Harper was put over the way he was, even in a loss. 

Winner: Randy Orton (Pink)


Alexa Bliss (c) vs Naomi (Smackdown Women's Championship match)

Predictions: Pink - Alexa Bliss ----- Double A - Naomi

With our scores currently tied, and Pink and I having the same winner for the Chamber match, this Women's match will determine which of us wins. That said, I've never wanted Bliss to lose as much as I did while watching this. It was a fine match, nothing too impressive, but Naomi put on a very god performance, one of the better I've seen from her. but Bliss wasn't as good or clean as she's been recently. Three women's matches on a single PPV card, and none of them were on the pre-show? That's impressive for WWE, or any promotion. They really seem to be solidly behind the women's division, which is why the Bella Natalya match and feud bothers me even more, but I digress. This was a B- match from two A wrestlers. But Naomi gets the win, and earns her first championship. It was a feel good moment, and I almost wish the Usos were face, so her husband could have celebrated with her in the ring, but maybe it's better she was on her own. 

Winner: Naomi (Double A)



John Cena vs AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt vs Baron Corbin vs The Miz (Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship)

Predictions: Pink - Bray Wyatt ----- Double A - Bray Wyatt

I don't know about you, but I really like the new Chamber design; the mats over the grates makes sense in preserving the wrestlers, the new square pods with sturdy ceiling look nice, the overhead view and led lights all really work nicely.

It was a brilliant move to have Cena and Styles start the match continuing their match from Rumble and give AJ an attempt at his 1-on-1 rematch. Corbin looked good when he came into the match, but having him the first eliminated wasn't good for his push I feel, but it looks like he's going to be feuding with Ambrose, who he helped get eliminated by the Miz. Who in turn got eliminated in quick fashion. With Cena, Styles, and Wyatt as the final three, I started to get worried that Bray was going to be the next eliminated in order to have the two that started the match, be the same two to end it, but then Cena gets eliminated and we're guaranteed a new champ. Even after catching Styles in the air to hit a surprise Sister Abigail, I still couldn't believe WWE would give their top prize to Bray Wyatt, but when he got the three count, I think everyone felt a sense of "finally". I won't go so far as to say this was the best chamber match ever, but I enjoyed this so much, and do feel it is in the top 5, maybe even 3, Elimination Chamber matches of all time. 

Winner: Bray Wyatt (Pink and Double A)


Thank you Naomi, I'm on the board with a win! This was a solid PPV, I'd give it an A-. The Chamber match and the Orton/Harper bout were the highlights of the night. Lynch/James and the Tag Turmoil matches were solid showings. Naomi winning was a good end to a mediocre match. The Handicap and pre-show matches don't deserve to be on a PPV card. And the double countout women's match should be stricken from the record, along with the entire feud. 

WWE Standings Elimination Chamber.jpg

All images courtesy of WWE

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