WWE Results: Wrestlemania 33

WWE Results: Wrestlemania 33

The new era of AzarRising wrestling has officially kicked off with last night's Wrestlemania. Brundan, Pink, Rybo Slice, and Double A planned out and voted for their perfect 'Mania results. Read on to find out who came out victorious at the showcase of the immortals, the ultimate thrill ride, Wrestlemania 33. 


Neville (c) v Austin Aries (Cruiserweight Championship match)

This fight had the chance to be the match of the night and they started with it. It was a good match, but the two weren't given too much time, or at least not enough time to tell the story I think they could have. In any case, this serves my archrival justice for stealing my gimmick. A Double for the lose, and Neville is still the champ. 

Winner: Neville - (Brundan and Double A)

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The Royal Rumble is a fun match, I don't think there's really been a good battle royal beyond them. For this one, everyone's first pick was eliminated early. Pink's 3rd pick followed suit quickly after, and his 2nd pick a little later. My picks were gone, Ryan's picks gone just as quick. Brundan initially had Mojo as his third pick, but futilely changed it to Killian Dain, assuring none of us had a correct vote.

Winner: Mojo Rawley (no one) 

Dean Ambrose (c) v Baron Corbin (Intercontinental Championship match)

I can't believe they bumped the Intercontinental match to the kickoff show. I understand the need to move the Smackdown Women's match to the main card, but it should not have come at the expense of the IC belt. How much further could they devalue the meaning of the title. But I will say, that the quality of the match deserves to be on the kickoff, hopefully the women's match makes up for it. Corbin telegraphed his lost as soon as he started talking during the match about how he's leaving with the belt. Dean for the win, Rybo Slice gets on the board, Pink is still scoreless, and I take the lead, oh yea. Double A all the way.

Winner: Dean Ambrose - (Rybo Slice and Double A)


Main Card

Shane McMahon v AJ Styles

Is this really the first match of the official card? I usually don't care so much about the order of the matches but wow, I can't believe they way this is shaping up. Whereas the cruiserweight match wasn't given enough time, this match on the other hand took way too long. Shane went two 'Manias in a row where he missed a big spot, but this year he doubled down and missed not only the elbow onto the table, but also the shooting star press. AJ obviously got the win, but it wasn't in the fight he deserved. Pink is on the board, and I've continued my lead, yay!

Winner: AJ Styles (All of us)

Chris Jericho (c) v Kevin Owens (United States Championship match)

I'm done complaining about the order of these matches. This was a good match, some nice counters and reversals. I think we all knew where this was going though, and our voting shows as much. Kevin Owens with a well fought victory earns his first ever US championship.

Winner: Kevin Owens (All of us)

Bayley (c) v Charlotte v Sasha Banks v Nia Jax (Fatal 4-way Elimination Raw Women's Championship match)

This match started off with a bang. I loved what they did with Nia. She looked dominant until it too all three other women to eliminate her. The spot with the turnbuckle was a little hokey , but it was a good move for Charlotte and in turn eliminated not only Sasha, but also Double A forcing a three way tie with Rybo Slice, Brundan, and myself.

Winner: Bayley (Pink, Brundan, Rybo Slice)

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (c) v Cesaro and Sheamus v Enzo Amore & Big Cass (Ladder Raw Tag Team Championship match)

Well that was short lived. Let me update this

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (c) v Cesaro and Sheamus v Enzo Amore & Big Cass v The Hardy Boys (Fatal 4-Way Ladder Raw Tag Team Championship match)

The Hardy's are back, and they are champs. All of our votes are null and void, but it was a serviceable match. But I should get a point for prediction of the Hardy's.

Winners: The Hardy Boys - (No one)

John Cena and Nikki Bella v The Miz and Maryse (Mixed Tag Match)

Of all the matches on the card, this is the one with the most build. Going into the match, I really only wanted Mis and Maryse to win so my prediction could come true. And, I got half of it right. John did propose to Nikki but after they won the match. It was predictable, but it would have been so much better for The Miz to hold an undefeated streak against Cena at Mania. That did not come to pass, and now Double A is tied with Pink for second, while Brundan and Rybo Slice are tied for the lead. But I deserve a point fr getting that proposal, damn it. Do you see a pattern forming with me deserving points?

Winners: John Cena & Nikki Bella (Brunda, Pink, and Rybo Slice)

Seth Rollins v Triple H (Non-Sanctioned match)

This match should have been saved for when Seth was fully healed, but it was a good match. I was surprised to see Seth jumping around and taking hits so soon after his injury, but he looked good. The only interference was Stephanie McMahon, meaning no Samoa Joe, and she went through a table for her efforts. Seth "won" a non-sanctioned match. 

Winner: Seth Rollins (Pink, Rybo Slice)

Bray Wyatt (c) v Randy Orton (WWE Championship match)

WM Universal.jpg

What a crappy end to the match. They tried doing something different with the projections on the mat, but they screwed the pooch with the ending "out-of-nowhere". Randy Orton won with a very little story, and not much to the climax. Bray not only deserved to have the belt for a longer reign, but when he lost, it should have been in a better match. 

Winner: Randy Orton (Brundan)

Goldberg (c) v Brock Lesnar (Universal Championship match)

We all assumed this would be over in two minutes, but it lasted just under 5 minutes, possibly shorter than Undertaker's entrance. It was surprising to see Goldberg shrug off 3 suplexes like they were nothing. Brock showed a nice bit of agility when he hopped over Goldberg avoiding a spear. This was the expected match.

Winner: Brock Lesnar (All of us)

Alexa Bliss (c) v Naomi v Carmella v Natalya v Mickie James v Becky lynch (Six Pack Challenge Smackdown Women's Championship match)

What a filler match if there ever was one. Everyone knew how this was going to play out, and it happened as everyone expected, Naomi wins, congrats.

Winner: Naomi (All of us)

Undertaker v Roman Reigns (No Disqualification)

Could they have telegraphed that this was going to be Undertaker's last match any harder? Aside from the fact that his entrance actually did take longer than the Goldberg/Lesnar match. They made it the final match of the night. Brought JR in to announce. All bad omens for the Dead man, and his legions of fans, or more importantly all of the Roman Reings detractors. I have no recollection of them ever announcing this was going to be a no DQ match, but in the end it didn't really matter because no weapon or dirty tactics were involved in the finish of the match. No one wants Taker to ever retire, but he, more than anyone, has earned his reprieve and retirement. Some say he should have ended with the streak intact (I'm one of them), but either way after the loss to Brock, there are some that believe that he should retire with a win, this is where I disagree. I think The Dead Man's retirement should be to put over the next star, but that isn't Roman Reigns. Not yet at least. Now we have to wait and see where WWE goes with Roman after basically retiring the greatest Wrestlemania performer in history. The spot light is on you Roman, shine bright or burn out.

Winner; Roman Reigns (Rybo Slice, Double A)

There you have it, Wrestlemania is in the bag, there were many belt changes but the Raw Women's Championship belt stayed with Bayley, and Dean Ambrose retained his IC belt. The Hardy Boys made a surprise (kind of) return and won the Raw Tag belts. Owens defeated his never-was-best-friend Chris Jericho for the US Belt. 

Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton won the top belts in their respective brands, each in a lackluster match. And Naomi won back her Women's champ belt that she had to forfeit due to injury. 

We've got the presumed retirement of the Undertaker and the ascension of Roman Reigns as the top dog. Will he prove the naysayers wrong, or crush under the weight?

However, the big news of the night is Rybo Slice is the first winner of this new era of AzarRising predictions. 

Double A: 7

Pink: 7

Brundan: 8

Rybo Slice: 9

Quotes: Friends/Enemies

Quotes: Friends/Enemies

WWE Predictions: Wrestlemania 33

WWE Predictions: Wrestlemania 33