WWE Predictions: Payback 2017

WWE Predictions: Payback 2017

Welcome back for another round of votes from the newest stable in the world of wrestling. Ryan, Brundan, Pink and I are back for WWE Payback, a PPV that promises to be a confused mess of a show, lets all go along for the ride. 

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To kick things off, we've got the kickoff match, and here we go.

Pre-show match

Enzo Amore & Big Cass v Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Rybo Slice:  These 4 are at it again but no titles on the line this time.  So seems like the crowd will pop early as Enzo and Cass take the win Enzo & Big Cass

Pink: There is not real reason other than they need the win and they like to give loses to Luke & Karl. Enzo & Big Cass

Brundan: Well The Hardy’s threw a wrench into my idea of Enzo and Cass getting a big mania moment. I can see the Club taking this and feuding with The Hardy’s after this. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Double A: Again? I guess at least it's only on the pre-show. I think it was a hint this past week on Raw that Enzo wasn't even in the match with Big Cass and the Club. I think they're going to be testing the waters with a split from the two. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson


Main Card

Neville (c) Austin Aries (Cruiserweight Championship)

Double A: I have a personal dilemma here. As my most hated rival I cannot vote for that charlatan of a gimmick stealer A Double., but I also feel like Neville's time as champ is drawing to a close. I think Neville will retain via chicanery of TJP interfering. Austin Aries (but Neville keeps the belt)

Brundan: Man they aren’t making these picks easy. Neville has been a great champion for the 205 live show. I am not sure if the time is right to pull the plug on him yet as I believe him vs Tozawa could still be a great feud. However I believe Aries takes this one. One title will probably change hands and I believe it to be this one.  Austin Aries

Pink: He is a good champ. And right now the feuds he is having with of the Superstars in the Cruiserweight division is what is keeping people caring about them. Cause the title has been mishandled since the Tournament. It should have been on Smackdown, but it was put on as a Raw title. The taping schedule to still be down after Smackdown, and on and on. Neville

Rybo Slice: I thought Austin was going to win last time. He failed but this time Austin (who I hate) will be the new champ. It's time.Austin Aries


Bayley (c) v Alexa Bliss (Raw Women's Championship)

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Pink: This is tough I like both Superstars. But the loses to Alexa is only be used to help build the character she is already playing so well. The lose to Bayley wouldn't really do anything to the story or the character.  So this is way I'm picking this way.  Bayley

Rybo Slice: Damn it another hard one! Bayley is sadly getting old and Bliss rules. They need to shake it up with a badass babe holding the strap. Bliss ends the huggers reign. Alexa Bliss

Double A: Internet fans don't hate, but I'm not a fan of Bayley. I'm sorry but I said it, there it's done. On the other hand I do like Alexa Bliss. She has the greatest facial expressions in the business, possibly ever. Unfortunately, that won't help her get over the story of Bayley vs Sasha that is inevitably coming. Bayley

Brundan: Like basically all men I love Alexa. She is a great character who has that mean bitch down perfect. Her vs Bayley is a perfect mean girl vs cute dork girl feud that is straight out of a movie. I think after the last year of playing hot potato with the woman’s belt Bayley needs a long run with the belt. Maybe build to a match with Sasha at Summerslam. I think Bayley takes this one and moves onto Emma next. Bayley

The Hardy Boyz (c) v Cesaro & Sheamus (Raw Tag Team Championship)

Brundan: Great to see the Hardy’s back. Always been a huge fans and this should be a great match. I hope they become the Broken Hardy’s and start deleting teams again. Hardy’s take it in a great match. The Hardy Boyz

Double A: It's rare that we get a face vs face title match, and even rarer still when the match doesn't involve a turn, but I think Cesaro & Sheamus will in fact turn heel. They've teased it the past two weeks on Raw, I think this is when they pull the trigger. However, I don't see them puling the belts off of the Hardy's yet, they'll retain somehow. The Hardy Boys

Pink: WWE is going to keep the Boyz on top for a little bit of time. And this can be a good way to migrate Cesaro & Sheamus to Heel status. I think the match will end with a 1 2 3, but there will be not good match handshakes. The Hardy Boyz

Rybo Slice: The Hardys are back and that tag team championship ain't going nowhere. A twist a fate is goin down and a senton bomb will be fallin from the sky! The Hardy Boys

Kevin Owens (c) v Chris Jericho (United States Championship, if Jericho wins he will be transfered to SmackDown)

Double A: I think it's kind of telling how much WWE values their championships when the highest belt on the line at a Raw PPV is Smackdown's secondary title, the US Championship. Regardless, I thought going into this that whoever won the belt would be going to Smackdown, and the loser would be on Raw. As it turns out this is just for Jericho's spot on the roster. As such, I think the belt will be staying with Owens, since he has this new gimmick. Kevin Owens

Pink: I say cause Kevin needs the title on the new show and there in no other Championship of the Mid-Level Title on Smackdown. Kevin Owen

Rybo Slice: SMACKDOWN is Jericho!!! He'll be saying that for sure since KO will be whooppin 'that ass! The bromance will finally come to an end this Sunday. Kevin Owens

Brundan: Finally an easy one. Owens takes this one and sends Jericho back on tour with Fozzy. Especially with Dean on RAW the US title stays on Smackdown. Kevin Owens

Seth Rollins v Samoa Joe

Rybo Slice: The only way Joe wins if Trips does a run in. I don't see that happening. Not yet at least. Rollins will get the victory. Seth Rollins

PinkSeth will win, but will not come without Samoa beating the hell out of him. And the fact that I think Triple H will interfere. Because of the outcome at Mania, and the planting of seeds for the SummerSlam match they will have to finish it all. Seth Rollins

Double A: I want Rollins to win this one, but I think a win will mean more for Joe, and a loss less for Rollins. It'll be a good match regardless, probably match of the night. Samoa Joe

Brundan: There are some tough matches to predict that could go either way and I believe this is the toughest. Seth is just coming off a huge win vs Triple H at Mania. Joe is still new to the main roster and should not be losing so soon. However since I can’t pick both I will go with Joe. Maybe a Triple H or Stephanie sighting gets Joe a big W. Samoa Joe

Randy Orton v Bray Wyatt (House of Horrors Match)

Pink: This match is going to suck. There has been no thought put into this at all. And for it not to be for the title is stupid. The Title should have been laid out the same as the Owens & Jericho match. That way you don't flat out same this is going to be the outcome, but you give a little mystery. That fact that it is No Title on the line you get that. So to do it the other way you would get the same feel, and have a way to put some Superstars back on Smackdown. Cause let's face it Smackdown did make out great in the trades. Bray Wyatt

Brundan: I thought this was going to be a title match but with the title off the table here Bray wins. I can see Jinder and his Boys getting involved and giving the win to Bray. Then Orton can go one and face Jinder Mahal in the match no one asked for. Good thing they don’t rely on PPV buys anymore. Bray Wyatt

Double A: I think everyone is in the same boat on this match. No one is looking forward to what will actually happen, but curious to see the train wreck unfold. Additionally, no one thought Bray would win when the belt was on the line, but now that it isn't, he'll be allowed to win. Bray Wyatt

Rybo Slice: I'm pumped for this bc the house of horrors match sounds BADASS! Tough one to pick though. Hmmm....If Bray loses the belt then his own match back to back...it's mega over for him. I feel foolish but I'm going to say Bray wins. Non-title so he can go to raw with a little steam at least. Bray Wyatt

Roman Reign v Braun Strowman

Rybo Slice: it's Romans yard now but Braun is the guy people want to watch. This is redonk hard to pick. Double DQ makes sense but Roman will get his revenge sadly. I'll be rooting for Braun though. Roman Reigns

Brundan: This should not be happening. Neither one of these guys should be losing. Both should be challenging Brock Lesner not fighting each other again. It was amazing seeing Braun kill Roman a few weeks ago. Not that I dislike Roman. It’s more that I love seeing Braun Smash. Personally if it was me booking I would have this go to a double knock out and have them both face Brock next RAW PPV. However since I’m not on the writing team I guess Roman wins. Roman Reigns

Double A: WWE loves their 50/50 booking where is one guy wins, the other has to win the rematch. It may not have been an official match, but Braun destroying Roman a few weeks ago means Roman needs to get his revenge. Also, with the real life passing of his brother last week, I couldn't imagine them not having him win. Roman Reigns

Pink: My friend Double A is right, it would be bad to have Roman lose after the passing of his Brother. And they can do what the normally do the these unstoppable forces they create. Have him lose to someone & become hell bent on destroying the person that took that from them. I just hope WWE doesn't run with that until SummerSlam or another joined PPV Roman Reigns

Will Rybo Slice looks to prove his victory last month wasn't a fluke, whereas Double A and Brundan have the same exact votes. Will we have a tie? Will the particulars of the Cruiserweight title match come into play at all. Will Pink get upset this is the only question he features in? Check back tomorrow for the answers to most of these.

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