WWE Predictions: Backlash 2017

WWE Predictions: Backlash 2017

Before we get into our predictions for the PPV, let's take a look at the current standings. 

Can Rybo Slice hold firm to his undefeated streak, or much like when Undertaker took on the Beast, will the streak be broken? If so, who will be the conqueror; Brundan, Pink, or Double A?  Let's find out everyone's predictions for the stakes at hand.

As always, first up we've got the Kickoff show. Let's get into it...


Tye Dillinger vs Aiden English

Double A: I almost hate to say it, but I like Aiden English, and him getting called up from NXT has ruined him. On the other hand I also like Tye Dillinger, and with a good win here he can set himself up better than English ever had a chance. - Tye Dillinger

Rybo Slice: We're kicking this ppv off with a Dillenger win. It's as simple as that peeps. #Thechamphasspoken - Tye Dillinger

Brundan:  I really like both of these guys.  However I will give this to Tye.  No reason for him to lose yet. - Tye Dillinger

Pink: I really don't have an opinion of this match. I just have a feeling for Tye. -Tye Dillinger

Main Card

Luke Harper vs Erick Rowan

Rybo Slice: The sheep/gas mask is going to get booted right off Rowens face! Harper takes this match and ads another stain to that nasty tank top! - Luke Harper

Brundan: Harper needs to win this bout, and move onto bigger and better things.  The guy is amazing.  I like Rowan too, but Harper is the Smackdown version of Cesaro.  Just give him the ball. - Luke Harper

Pink: Luke needs win like this for him to show he has move on from the Wyatt Family, and since Bray isn't there for him to do this with some more he has to do it with Eric. -Luke Harper

Double A: I'm hoping this will be the end of the "feud" between these two. While Rowan has proven himself capable, I think Harper has what it takes to make it further in the company, and as such, the win needs to go to him. - Luke Harper

Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin

Brundam: I feel like Sami has that underdog character that people will always love him.  Corbin is big so Vince loves him.  Corbin takes this one in what should be a good match. - Baron Corbin

Pink:  Like the Tye & Aiden match I have no really reasoning behind this pick. -Baron Corbin

Double A: This is a toss up for me, but thankfully not because I don't care about either one, but I actually like them both. Sami being the underdog of the underground, or whatever bullshit they give him) I can see him recovering from a loss better than Baron, who needs to continue looking dominant. - Baron Corbin

Rybo Slice: If I woke up and both these two dudes were released. I'd be a happy man. I'll be taking a piss during this one but Corbin wins since this bore is getting groomed for the title. Why? I got no idea. - Baron Corbin


Shinsuke Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler

Pink: He as to win for the simple fact this is the In Ring start on Smackdown, and Dolph is used a lot of times for match of this nature. They will have a good match. It will not be a great match I feel. It will be simple, but clean. -Shinsuke Nakamura

Double A: Imagine they actually have Shinsuke lose his first match in the WWE proper? I think this is going to be the first match of the night, and WWE will use a Nakamura win after a great hard fought match with Ziggler to hype up the always rowdy Chicago crowd, and maybe even silence the CM Punk chants. Shinsuke Nakamura

Rybo Slice: Get that violin ready bc we're going to hear a lot of it tonite! I'm hoping this match is as cool as i think it'll be. Ziggler is the perfect opponent to help Nakamura make a impact. Great match and another great pick by me. Nakamura wins Shinsuke Nakamura

Brundan: This is a no brainer.  No way Nakamura loses in his first main roster match.  Only question is will they have the time to blow people away or no. - Shinsuke Nakamura

Naomi & Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs The Welcoming Committee (3-on-3 women's tag match)

Double A: I thought we were supposed to be in this new age of women's wrestling, but here we are with a pointless, badly built story, everyone in a single match situation with the entire Smackdown women's division. I think the Welcoming Committee will win when Charlotte turns on her team, establishing herself as a heel again, and remind Naomi she's going for the title. But really I don't care. Welcoming Committee

Rybo Slice: We got too much talent on team Flair, Lynch and Naomi. The Welcoming committee is gettin a good ol classic ass whoppin! - Team Lynch, Flair, Naomi

Brundan: I want to care about anything with Becky Lynch in it, but I don't care about anything with Tamina in it.  Welcoming committee takes it with Carmella pinning Naomi. - Welcoming Committee

Pink: I don't even know how to tackle this one. It isn't for anything worthwhile. It should have been an all competitors elimination match. But this is how they are going to bill it. The this plays out I she is that Naomi, Charlotte & Becky have to win. To stop this Welcoming Committee for going on, but it can't end with Charlotte in anyway sticking it to Naomi or Becky, because than the Welcoming Committee was right. So a typical Six Tag match with the Naomi, Charlotte & Becky winning. I will say that Charlotte has to pin Nat. Cause as the person who started this Welcoming Committee it is the logical person for Charlotte to beat to than come on Tuesday to say I'm the one that need that Title shot. -Team Lynch, Flair, Naomi


Kevin Owens (C) vs AJ Styles (US Championship match)

Rybo Slice: This is the toughest one to pick. It's a coin flip with these two. I'm still not sure who's going to win. DAMN IT! I gotta pick ONE so I'll go with the Phenomenal ONE! AJ gets himself a new belt! - AJ Styles

Brundan: This should steal the show.  AJ is just on another level then basically the whole world.  However, Owens I think will find a way to keep the title.  This isn't over yet though. - Kevin Owens

Pink: It's going to be a good match. And I think it going to be the match of the night.  I see Kevin winning with an underhanded move here & there but it will be a clean win. I just like this back & forth they have. AJ with the man who made this place what it is. And Kevin with the but I'm the only reason people watch now reasoning. For AJ to win will kill this story which is good. - Kevin Owens

Double A: After the Shinsuke match, this one has the most hype for me.  Both of these guys are amazing workers, and both deserve a higher spot on the card. With Kevin Owens just adopting this new 'New Face of America' gimmick, I predict him retaining the belt. Personally, I don't think this new gimmick is working for him, and WWE may pull it off of him, and losing the belt would do that, but I don't think they'll do it this PPV. - Kevin Owens

The Usos (c) vs Breezango (WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship match)

Brundan: The Uso's have not interested me in years.  Fabreeze is entertaining but I don't think they will get their trigger pulled at Backlash.  Uso's win and then hopefully lose it back to American Alpha who should have never lost in the first place. The Usos

Pink:I can't in my right mind vote for Breezango. I just won't do it. -The Usos

Double A: I really, really want Breezango to win, for the sheer absurdity of it, but I think they'll feud with a returning New Day, whenever that happens, and it won't be for the belts. Usos will retain. - The Usos

Rybo Slice: Get ready to dance and take a selfie bc were getting new tag team champs! A nice push for this funny duo. I could be wrong with this one but I'm throwing Breezango my vote. -Breezango

Randy Orton (c) vs Jinder Mahal (WWE Championship)


Pink: I have a feeling Jinder is going to win and most of it will be from outside help from the two Bollywood Boys. But if they do give it to Jinder this Randy run is another lack luster run as Champ for him. This is why I'm going to vote for him to win, but we all know that WWE doesn't care how it may look on the Champs and their runs. -Randy Orton

Double A: If any of the belts are changing this is the one! I don't think Jinder will get the belt, no one thinks he will, but I see this match going one of two ways 1) the match gets thrown out when the Singh Bros interfere in a way that gets a No Contest 2) Rusev finally shows up, getting the match thrown out. He has a history with Jinder, but he's also said he won't return until he gets a title shot, and this could be the way he forces Shane's hand. -No Contest/DQ

Rybo Slice: I'm not gonna lie but I'm rooting for Jinder. I think he'd be a great champ to switch things up. I just can't see him winning though. He should but can't. It wouldn't make any sense. No real build up. Jinder is eating a sweet RKO before getting pinned on Sunday night! -Randy Orton

Brundan: So in a span of three months Jinder Mahal has gone from Main Event to an actual PPV Main event.  I just don't see it in Jinder.  Never have.  However while I don't think he is wining, I don't see him losing just yet either.  I'm calling it now.  No contest.  If Orton wins I will be happy to be wrong. No Contest



Well, there you have. Watch the PPV tonight, and come back to see which of us took the win at WWE Backlash 2017.



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WWE Results: Backlash 2017

WWE Results: Backlash 2017

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