WWE Predictions: Extreme Rules 2017

WWE Predictions: Extreme Rules 2017

I don't know how often I can keep doing these, but winning last PPV sure as hell helps with the motivation! (I don't even care that it was a draw with Brundan, as long as I'm on the board)

Tonight, June 4th, we've got Extreme Rules, at the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. Who will the Beast be facing? Oh sorry, you thought there was an answer to that question? No, no. Tonight's main event isn't for the belt, it's a #1 contenders match to see who will eventually fight for the belt whenever Brock Lesnar decides to show back up, probably Summerslam. 

Anyway, let's kick things off


Well this is awkward, as of this writing there is no planned match for the Kickoff show. I'm sure they'll have Kalisto vs Apollo Crews or Titus O'Neil, or some other throw away match. There's also only 6 total matches for the night, so I also anticipate R-Truth vs Golddust to be added at some point, but we can only predict what's already announced.

Main Card

Rich Swann and Sasha Banks vs Noam Dar vs Alicia Fox (mixed gender tag match)

Pink: Rich & Sasha- Just Cause - Rich Swann and Sasha Banks

Brundan: I love the boss and Swan.  I don't really care about Dar and Fox.  Swan and Banks take this and I'm still amazed Fox is still around 10 years later. - Rich Swann and Sasha Banks

Double A: Who did Sasha piss off to get thrown into this mix? Either a) she's really in the dog house, and will be further humiliated by eating a pin, or b) this is an attempt to make the Cruiserweights more integrated with the rest of the roster. I'm going for b and Sasha/Swann (or Swasha?) will pick up the win, even though I have a borderline creepy obsession with Alicia Fox, and am glad she's getting a story again.. - Rich Swann and Sasha Banks

Rybo Slice: We got a easy one here folks...bet the house on this one because the Boss will get the win no doubt! - Rich Swann and Sasha Banks


Neville (c) vs Austin Aries (Submission match for the Cruiserweight Championship)

Brundan: This is a tough one.  Neville has been amazing as kick of 205 live but Aries is just in a class of his own.  I think in the end, Neville takes this and moves onto Tozawa.  - Neville

Doubla A: And the feud continues. No, not between Austin and Neville, between A Double and Double A! And once again, I refuse to vote for Austin, but this time because I think Neville will surprise with the Rings of Saturn -Neville

Rybo Slice: I've need wrong with this matchup before but now it's a submission match. Now ur entering the world of Aries. Give that man the belt! Neville is tapping yo! - Austin Aries

Pink: I think the feud has to change in the type it is. And an Aries win will change it. Cause now instead of Aries wanting the Belt Neville wants his Title back. Right Rybo! - Austin Aries


The Hardy Boyz (c) vs Cesaro & Sheamus (Cage Match for the Raw Tag Team Championships)

Double A: I'd be surprised that they take the belts of the returning Hardy's, but there would be no reason to turn Cesar & Sheamus heel if they're going to lose this one. I think after one missed high risk Swan-ton Bomb, one of the heels will escape to regain their belts. -Cesaro & Sheamus

Rybo Slice: Get ready to see a Jeff hardy fly off the cage and onto Sheamus. Get ready to see Cesaro get the twist of fate! The Hardys ain't losing this one. And that's the bottom line bc Rybo Slice said so! - The Hardy Boyz

Pink: Cesaro is going to be the one to get the win, but I'm going with the safe Hardyz bet. I just not sure the Universe is done with the comeback yet to have the Title move over the Cesaro & Sheamus. - The Hardy Boyz

Brundan: This should be a fun hard hitting match.  Will Jeff jump off the cage?  Probably.  Will Cesaro jump off the cage?  Don't be surprised if we see a diving uppercut off the top.  However I think the Hardy's retain in a great match and move onto The soon to be return Revival. - The Hardy Boyz

Superfluous Commentary: I like how Pink knows in his heart Cesaro & Sheamus will win, but is too scared to make the pick


Alexa Bliss (c) vs Bayley (Kendo Stick on a pole match for the Raw Women's Championship)

Rybo Slice: One of the worst segments on raw that I've ever seen. Like a comic bombing on stage is how Bliss looked during "This is your life" Bailey will go hardcore and whack the shiz out of Bliss with the kendo stick but I don't think it'll be enough. Bliss will find a way and keep that title. - Alexa Bliss

Pink: Sticks is an interesting match for the women to have. Bayley is probably going to be close to a win, but Alexa is going to use something else besides the sticks to take the win. - Alexa Bliss

Brundan: I love me some Bayley.  I believe I have said this before but WWE has not dropped the ball on someone this bad maybe ever.  Bayley could have been the female John Cena, without the boos.  Sell boat loads of merch, have tons of fans all over the world, every little girl looking up to her.  Instead she is just another woman on the roster.  Bliss takes this one in what will probably be a brutal battle. - Alexa Bliss

Double A: It's a little surprising that Bayley hasn't been pushed to the top as hard as many would have expected, and I think many see this as the chance to firmly sit her at the top, but I am not most. WWE clearly likes Bliss, and I see her retaining, probably with the help of a returning Nia Jax. - Alexa Bliss

Superfluous commentary: I'm surprised we've all picked Bliss for this one. Interested to see how this develops


Dean Ambrose (c) vs The Miz (w/Maryse) (Intercontinental Championship match if Dean gets DQ'd he loses the belt)

ER IC Belt.jpg

Pink: He is going to try and fake that Dean used an illegal weapon or something to try and get the win. But the Ref will not fall for it. So the match will go on and the Miz is going to win with a Skull Crushing Finale. - The Miz

Brundan: I think the Dq stipulation will give this one away.  Miz or Maryse will set up Dean somehow and he loses the belt.  Actually if I was Maryse I would just get in the ring and kick Miz in the balls to win the belt.  Miz wins and starts his 7th crappy IC run. - The Miz

Double A: I find it odd that for WWE's most "extreme" PPV they have a deliberate no DQ stipulation in a title match. I believe Maryse will interfere somehow and get Dean DQ'd to lose the belt, but Kurt Angle will come out to restart the match with Maryse banned from ringside. At which point Ambrose will continue his lackluster title run. Dean Ambrose

Rybo Slice: I want dean to just go away! He is my least fav wrestler on the roster next to Mojo. Miz better get that title and make that belt become cool again. Miz takes this one with a very clever win. Just watch. It'll be clever. - The Miz

Superfluous commentary: I would not be surprised if Miz wins this one after all of the chicanery I expect to happen in the match.


Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe (Fatal 5-way extreme rules match for #1 contendership for the Universal Championship)

Brundan: Personally I believe all these guys would have awesome matches with that guy who is champ but we never see.  I think they are saving Joe and Roman for Brock on bigger stages.  I think Finn will feud with Bray who I originally thought would win.  Then it hit me.  Brock vs Rollins.  Maybe leads to a Triple H and Steph return (ugh) to mess with him and Brock moves on Finn at Summerslam.  - Seth Rollins

Double A: If I'm being honest, I expect a swerve of some kind when it comes to the Universal belt. I don't expect the match to be at Great Balls of Fire... (can we take a moment to collectively hate the title of that PPV? thank you)  Speaking of hate, I have to go with Roman Reigns for this one, but like I said it he won't be fighting the champ at the next PPV, it'll be saved for Summerslam. Also, I think during that match Braun Strowman will make a surprise return, costing Roman the belt, setting up a further feud with the two, and saving the real Reigns/Lesnar match for Survivor Series or 'Mania later on. - Roman Reigns

Rybo Slice: I want the demon comin out! Finn better be all painted up and ready for battle bc He's got Brock next! It's hard to see anyone take it from him since the dude never lost the title!  NOW GIVE ME MY TITLE BACK! These predictions are gold I say! - Finn Balor

Pink: This match is a hard one to pick. Mostly due to the Champ. We know Brock is not a Wrestler anymore, and will not put much effort into showing that. So Finn will not work for a Title match. It would be him doing a ton of work in the ring, and Brock doing nothing to help. I don't see Rollins or Joe taking it cause I think their near future is coming to a head with Triple H. And I will not vote for Reigns to have a other Title shot. Wyatt is who is left, and don't get me wrong I think Bray & Brock would have an interest match. Bray can take those bumps from Brock, and Brock can still do little to nothing in the ring for the match to be mostly entertaining.  - Bray Wyatt

Superfluous commentary: Two things; I like how we all picked different winners for this match, and I hope to shit that I'm wrong, and Pink is right, but then that'd mean another lost feud for Wyatt since we know they won't have him take the belt from that 'reigning "DEFENDING" champ. Such shit. Also, I feel a little bad for Samoa Joe not getting picked at all. Here's your participation award

There you have it folks, check out the PPV tonight, and come back tomorrow to see who won.


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WWE Results: Extreme Rules 2017

WWE Results: Extreme Rules 2017

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