WWE Predictions: Battleground 2017

WWE Predictions: Battleground 2017

And we're back again for another round of predictions, this time the PPV Battleground is up for the Smackdown brand.

My current hype level for this PPV is rather low, and I think it's partially because I don't think I'm going to be able to watch it live tonight. But also because it doesn't feel all that fresh. 

In any case, let's start is off with the preshow


Tye Dillinger vs Aiden English

Double A: Why do I feel like this was the same exact Kickoff show last Smackdown PPV? Hole on let me check... Huh, what do you know it wasn't. Maybe these two recently fought on SD? Either way, I don't think anyone expects Aiden to win. - Tye Dillinger 

Brundan: Tye hasn't really don't much since he came up. He is coming off a loss to Jinder so I believe this will be a rebound win for him. - Tye Dillinger

Pink: Perfect 10 says, Yes!!! I have no other reasoning. - Tye Dillinger

Rybo Slice: Let me think...Hmmm Tye is good and English sucks....Tough one ;) Tye with a perfect 10 win. - Tye Dillinger


Main Card

Sami Zayn vs Mike Kanellis

Rybo Slice: Sami is gonna get distracted and most likely rolled up by Mike. It's as simple as that. A big W for the lovebirds. - Mike Kanellis

Double A: Sami Zayn, as the 'ultimate underdog' has a character that can eat a few loses and still seem a viable threat for the upper mid-card, potentially even the main event. Mike (insert wife's name here) needs a win for his first PPV match. I expect much shenanigans like their first match this past Smackdown, but this should be a decent match, if for Zayn and nothing else. - Mike Kanellis

Brundan: I love Sami Zayn and still think he can be that underdog baby face the wwe has not had since Daniel Bryan retired, but he is a lamb led to slaughter here. Mike is not losing yet. Personally I found Micheal Kanellis a little bland in TNA so I don't think wwe will spice him up much. Mike wins and Sami flounders - Mike Kanellis

Pink: The Power of Love will always win in the end. Ha Ha ha - Mike Kanellis


AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Owens (United States Championship match)

Battleground US.jpg

Pink: ? (no reason) - AJ Styles

Rybo Slice: AJ just won it. He can't be giving it back so soon. He's freakin phenomenal for crying out loud. Aj with the win! - AJ Styles

Double A: I really don't think WWE got the full use out of Kevin Owens' New Face of America gimmick, and we'll see it again, but not tonight. AJ is going to retain the belt for the sake of quality of his title reign. WWE is trying to elevate the US title again, and right now there's no better wrestler to do that than Styles. I feel like Kevin chasing the title as the New Face of America will keep the gimmick alive long enough for him to eventually regain the belt. - AJ Styles

Brundan: this is a tricky one. AJ should be in for a long reign with the US belt. He should be doing for that belt what Cena did for it before. Owens is great but after another loss where does he go from there? Maybe a feud with Nakamura. AJ wins and they steal the show. - AJ Styles


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin

Brundan: Corbin has the MITB case so that means it's time for him to lose until he cashes in. Nakamura should be champion soon. He isn't getting any younger and has a ton of miles on his body. He should win and then hinder Jinder. Shinsuke Nakamura

Pink: ? (no reason) - Baron Corbin

Rybo Slice: The battle of the future top face vs future top heel! Corbin will lose and it's fine bc when u got the briefcase ur always in the main event picture. Nakamura will win and dance the night away. - Shinsuke Nakamura

Double A: I hear a lot of talk about how Money in the Bank winners always lose repeatedly before cashing in the contract. I don't think that'll be the case with Baron Corbin, I see him having a lengthy win streak that'll elevate his threat level for the champ. Unfortunately, for that theory, he's going up against Shinsuke Nakamura, and I don't see the master of Strong Style losing just yet, at least not cleanly. Shinsuke Nakamura


Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Tamina vs. Lana (Fatal 5-Way Elimination for #1 contendership)

Double A: I'm having a hard time understanding WWE's logic with this one. They have 5 of the 7 women on the show fighting for the chance to fight for the bet, but the belt isn't on the line at all. What they should have done was have this match during the kickoff, and then the winner would face Naomi later on in the night. As that isn't how they planned it, I only see one real option here, Charlotte needs to win this for a match at Summerslam. - Charlotte Flair

Brundan: lets see..Tamina sucks so she will lose. Lana lost all ready a few times to Naomi so she will lose. Becky despite being amazing will lose because WWE hates me. So that leaves Charlotte and Natalya. I think I'm go with a surprise Natalya win to feud with Naomi. Charlotte will be holding the smackdown women's title soon but not yet. - Natalya

Pink: ? (at this point I think he's just picking names from a hat. Becky Lynch

Rybo Slice: Lovin Lana and her theme song but she's had too many shots at that title. For summerslam they need a big match so no bigger match thenWOOOOOO! Flair vs Naomi should be a damn good one. - Charlotte Flair


John Cena vs Rusev (Flag Match)

Rybo Slice: This is a tad tricky. Rusev is back and needs the win I feel to get the future bright again...but it's vs Cena and America! I think Cena will be waving our flag at the end so JC for the win! - John Cena

Double A: I mean John Cena wins right? That's just what happens. We all know he's going to win, but damn it I just can't vote against Rusev here. I know I'm taking a loss, and probably ruining my chances at taking a win for the PPV, but I can't in good conscious vote against my boy RooRoo. I mean Cena winning again would be a repeat of when he broke Rusev's winning streak back at 'mania, and like that match, I think Rusev should ride out in a tank, it is 'Battleground' after all. - Rusev

Brundan: flag match? Boring. Once upon a time I was so excited for Cena vs Rusev. Then they had Cena squash him. Cena wins. - John Cena

Pink: Cause Cena is Mr. America - John Cena

Superfluous Commentary: I think Rusev needs this win more than any other in his career. He's coming back from injury and a long hiatus, he's got zero momentum, except for forcing Cena to pass out on Smackdown this week. If he doesn't win here, the end is nigh for the Bulgarian Brute.

The Usos (c) vs The New Day (Smackdown Tag Team Championship match)

Pink: I like them as the Champs right now. The New Day should get the win, but not the Titles. And this should end come Summerslam. - The Usos

Rybo Slice: New Day got screwed in their last match so I can see Big E swirling those hips around saying "New Day Rocks" with gold wrapped around it. - The New Day

Double A: As much as The New Day has grown on me, I really want The Usos to have a lengthy reign as champs. But as it stands, the way I see it, I think WWE has more faith in The New Day, and see them as a bigger money ticket going into Summerslam. - The New Day

Brundan: and the award for the two teams I don't care about any more in wrestle the most? (Side note I sound so jaded even I notice it). New day wins.- The New Day


Jinder Mahal (c) vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship Punjabi Prison match)

Brundan: so the wwe bring back one of the stupidest matches of all time. Does anyone really think Orton has a chance here? Maybe if they had already gone to India but with that trip still looming Jinder will still be champ. - Jinder Mahal

Pink: Because the Indian guy should finally have a win in the Match The Great Khali started. - Jinder Mahal

Rybo Slice: I'm not gonna lie...I like the Punjabi cage. Looks mad cool! I hope to see some blood spilt in this. It's a prison match so I want to see some crazy shiz. I hope this doesn't disappoint but Jinder will find a way to get his boys to help out. He shall remain the champ! So many babyface winners this ppv but the night will end in boos for Jinder! - Jinder Mahal

Double A: As bad as the only other two Punjabi prison matches have been, I think it's fair to say that this one is shaping up to be the best of the three. While that doesn't really mean much, I still think this may be an enjoyable match. It's going have some creative spots, and a few Oh My God! moments. In the end, I don't see the Jinder experiment ending just yet. And in the end, I really don't want Randy winning the title again. Not yet at least. I do see the potentially in a record title match between Cena and Orton as they both approach breaking Flair's record. - Jinder Mahal


I'm very interested to see where this PPV goes and how it sets up things for Summerslam. Come back tomorrow to see who won.

A quick reminder of our current standings.

WWE Results: Battleground 2017

WWE Results: Battleground 2017

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