WWE Predictions: Great Balls of Fire 2017

WWE Predictions: Great Balls of Fire 2017

I put '2017' in the title like I always do, but I truly hope they never use this name again because it is easily the worst PPV title I've heard in a long time. And I will only write the title one more time, ever.

Regardless of the title, this has shaped up to be an entertaining PPV. We've got Brock Lesnar finally defending his belt for the first time, and against Samoa Joe no less, this should be (to quote a legend) "a barn burner". The kickoff match of Neville and Tozawa could possible be the match of the night, if they give these two the right amount of time. Anyhoo, on to our predictions!


Neville (c) vs Akira Tozawa (Cruiserweight Championship match)

Pink: Neville is having an amazing run as their Champ, and I don’t see a reason to take it off him just yet.  Unless we are building a story with a new contender coming to make his presence felt, and almost costing him the match. But that can be done a million different ways.  But the other reason is Tozawa is good, but his speaking hasn’t come up to par with what is needed for the Cruiserweight's. - Neville

Double A: I thought Tozawa would be the one to take the belt off of Neville, but after joining Titus Worldwide, I don't see that happening. WWE screwed the pooch by getting rid of my most hated rival A Double, but they had Akira in the wings ready to take that top spot, but they sidelined him with this shitty Titus faction. Besides, as good as I expect this match to be, I don't see Neville losing the belt in a pre-show match - Neville

Rybo Slice: I'm done betting against Neville. Damn you Aries bc you should of taken that title! I don't see Neville losing the title on a preshow so he shall retain. -Neville

Brundan: I really hope this match is given enough time because these two can blow the roof off the house.  Neville has been on just another level since becoming the king of the cruiserweights.  I kind of hope he has an Asuka like reign.  On the other hand I love Tozawa.  He is so good in the ring and has such great facial reactions.  On another hand Titus O'neal sucks.  I think Neville will take this one when Titus messes up some how. - Neville


Main Card

Cesaro & Sheamus (c) vs The Hardy Boyz (30 Minute Iron Man Tag Team Championship match)

Double A: I don't want to say The Hardyz are too old, but for an Iron Man match? and going up against two of the most fit wrestlers on the roster? It would be disrespectful to have the champs lose here. Cesar & Sheamus

Rybo Slice: I'm not a fan of the throw together tag team regardless how long they've been at it. I want the Hardys to win but it won't happen. #Toosoon. - Cesaro & Sheamus

Brundan: I am going with the Hardy's in this one mostly for one reason.  The Hardy's are the only babyface team left on RAW.  The revival is back and I want to see The Hardy's vs Revival for the next few months.  Sheamus and Cesaro have been really great as a team though.  Hopefully they aren't lost in the shuffle. - The Hardy Boyz

Pink: One statement, if Cesaro can’t win an Iron Man match as good & fit as he is there is a real freakin’ problem. Match of the night. Cesaro & Sheamus


The Miz (c) vs Dean Ambrose (Intercontinental Championship match)

Rybo Slice: I'm loving the Miz faction. He should be back on smackdown and be the world champ over there. Considering Dean is one of the worst IC champs ever...Miz got this shiz in the bag! - The Miz

Brundan: Ok this feud needs to end.  I feel like they have been feuding for a year at this point.  Dean feels a little stale at this point and maybe needs a month or so off TV to come back refreshed.  The Miz wins this.  - The Miz

Pink: He’s the Miz, and you should never vote against the Miz. There isn’t going to be much to the match. It will be a good one, but there really isn’t much story you have to build up. They have had this back & forth for awhile now. And this will probably be one on the Summerslam card. Unless the WWE wants to add someone new into the title picture. I wouldn't be upset to see Finn, but with the feud they are starting with Elias Samson I’m not going to get it. - The Miz

Double A: I'm ready for this feud to end already. It should not have been carried over from Smackdown, and now that Miz has his Mizterage he can win with their help, and move on to someone else, please. - The Miz


Enzo vs Big Cass

Brundan: So we have a team that the fans love.  Enzo and Cass were almost like this age's New Age Outlaws.  The fans went crazy and would sing along with them on the way to the ring.  To be honest they were probably the most popular act on RAW.  So what do WWE do?  Never pulls the trigger and breaks them up.  Cass I am sure will win this one and WWE will continue to piss off fans. - Big Cass

Pink: Just cause. This is where WWE should show off Cass in action, and they will, but will they give him the win. And finish off this story line of great friends now great enemies quick (First match of the night, calling it). - Big Cass

Double A: I know they were a popular tag team, but I was never really a fan. For every good line that Enzo would have, he'd have six more that fell flat. Cass is good in the ring, but he sounds like he just learned to read. What I'm getting at is, I don't care about this match and wish it were on the pre-show. Cass is going to win this one, and Enzo will rebound at Summerslam because you can't have a heel win a feud. - Big Cass

Rybo Slice: I'm upset they broke up bc they didn't get a tag team title run but I'm loving their back and fourth promos. Cass is going to squash Enzo at Great Balls but I hope Enzo doesn't fade away. He's got such sick mic skills. Send him to smackdown to shine! - Big Cass


Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt

Pink: I really don’t have an thing for this one. Cause on the one hand if we are going to get an official match with Triple H then you probably would want a win for Rollins. Or WWE could go with the story of your unsanctioned win means nothing cause you lost to Bray what real shot do you have against the King of Kings. A Bray win does nothing really unless this will be on the card at Summerslam, but I’m going with him because they have to stop using Bray a this stepping stone for everyone. - Bray Wyatt

Double A: I mean Bray has to win, right? It doesn't look like Seth will be in the title hunt at Summerslam so he needs an opponent, and what better way to further squash and bury Bray Wyatt than to have him lose at the biggest event of the summer? So he'll win here, and it'll feel good for a month, until we realize WWE is still shitting on Bray. - Bray Wyatt

Rybo Slice: This is a hard one....Hmmm give me a second while the champ thinks this through. I think Bray is due for a win. I see someone interfering. So I got Bray taking the W. - Bray Wyatt

Brundan: Remember when Bray Wyatt was champion coming into Wrestlemania?  Now he is back to giving the same nonsense interview and losing at every PPV.  However I am going out on a limb and saying Wyatt wins with a Triple H distraction.  And we get another Seth vs H Summerslam match. - Bray Wyatt

Superfluous Commentary: I'm genuinely surprised everyone here picked Bray to win. I thought I was going to be in the minority on this one. Makes me wish, I changed my vote to Seth.


Alexa Bliss (c) vs Sasha Banks (Women's Championship match)

Double A: The Raw women's division needs a shot in the arm right about now, unfortunately for Sasha, she isn't that shot anymore. After languishing in a cruiserweight feud, I don't see her turning anything around here. Bliss has been a great champ, she just needs a rival to equal her, cue Asuka! - Alexa Bliss

Rybo Slice: Hottie battle at its finest. Bliss is a top notch champ minus that god awful segment about bailey. I think the Bliss run continues but this match will be a good one. My crystal ball says Jax is going to be the one to take it off Bliss when the time is right. - Alexa Bliss

Brundan: This is a tough one.  Alexia has been a fanastic bitch of a champ, which is a compliment.  The Boss is always popular with the fans, but has lost steam since playing hot potato with the title with Charlotte last year.  If it was me, Sasha would win and her and Bayley would fight at Summerslam.  But it is not up to me, so instead Sasha since wins and moves onto Nia Jax.  Ugh - Sasha Banks

Pink: I’m a Bliss guy. She is a great villain. And I would love her to carry that title into Summerslam against I think will be Nia Jax by this point. But will WWE want a villain match match there? Which makes me fear them taking the title from Bliss to put it on Banks unless we can get one more PPV before Summerslam where WWE has a chance to run this story line out.  - Alexa Bliss


Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman (Ambulance match)

Rybo Slice: Roman is going to get destroyed yet again. Braun is becoming mr.popular and we gotta see him vs Brock. So reigns will be headed to the ER yet again. - Braun Strowman

Brundan: The is going to be Brutal, but in a good way.  These guys always kill it together and I am so happy to have Braun back killing people.  [Side note: last week when Braun fought Apollo Crews and reversed his moonsault but kicking him across the ring I watched it over about five times.]  I am going to go with Braun on this one and he goes onto Summerslam to fight for the title.  Roman however will main event Summerslam against John Cena.  You heard it here first folks. - Braun Strowman

Pink: This one goes hand & hand with what I believe for the main event. Reigns is winning for the Summerslam match of Brock & Reigns.  But unlike the Brock & Joe match this one here will not be all that great. I think it will be one of those every day one with really slow moments.  Roman Reigns

Double A: I so want Braun to win, and finally bury Roman in the lower card, but with Roman already claiming he's going for the Universal title at Summerslam, he can't go in there with a loss, can he? I don't see it happening. Braun has been a beast, and hopefully a loss here won't hurt him too much. - Roman Reigns


Brock Lesnar (c) vs Samoa Joe (Universal Championship match)

Brundan: I have been dreaming of this match ever since I first saw Samoa Joe in Ring of Honor.  Joe in Ring of Honor was truly the man.  His epic title reign was something that only comes along once in a generation.  He was a killer champ that it felt like no one could beat.  Him vs Brock was a dream match that was unimaginable.  Fast forward 15 years and we finally get it.  The build to this match has been perfect.  From calling out Brock and choking out Heyman to actually choking out the champ, Joe looks like he has Brock's number.  I haven't looked forward to a match like this since Joe vs Angle in TNA.  As fantastic as Joe has been I still think Brock will take this match.  I really wish they would pull the trigger on Joe but I just don't see it.  Brock wins after a killer match. - Brock Lesnar

Pink: This pick comes from the Reigns & Strowman match. I don’t want Brock to keep the belt at all, but it will always bring more money to Summerslam if an attraction like Brock is on the card. So it will probably be a Brock vs Reigns match for that, and for that they will probably leave the title on Brock. It will be a good match with Joe. I feel a lot of kick outs from big moves & finishers, but in the end Brock will win. - Brock Lesnar

Double A: If anyone deserves to win the belt, it's Samoa Joe. He's only begun to show what he can do int he ring, here in the WWE, but seeing him across different promotions, it's clear he'll be champ soon. Unfortunately, it won't be tonight. Brock will retain, in his FIRST title defense since winning at 'Mania. As much as I love Paul Heyman on the mic, I cringe a little every time he calls Brock a 'defending' champ. I just hope they don't make it a squash match. - Brock Lesnar

Rybo Slice: I haven't been so excited for a main event in a long time. This is gonna be so damn good! These two can put on a 10/10match if they go all out. Fingers crossed. It'd b cool if Joe won. I'd clap and stand up in my living room but I think Joe is gettin F5ed. - Brock Lesnar


WWE Results: Great Balls of Fire 2017

WWE Results: Great Balls of Fire 2017

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