Alphabet Project: Letter E

Alphabet Project: Letter E

It may seem like a long time since my last one of these posts, but there's a reason I wanted to save this one for now. Before I get to why, let's talk a little about how this story came to be. 

There were some really cool topics in the subject book that I could have gotten for E, so I was a little disappointed that I got Empire State Building. Before I became too dejected I decided to do some research on the building. I learned something interesting about it, they offer free weddings to a select few couples every year on Valentine's Day.

As a newly engaged man myself, I knew this would be the right time to reintroduce this story. 

Empire State Building

Empire State Building.jpg

     “Sweetie, did you call the hall yet?” Tricia asks while slipping on her shoe, supporting herself on the bedpost. Not even looking in Eric’s direction, Tricia knows from his delay in answering, he hasn’t called.

     Making sure his tie is on straight he sees her in the mirror and, before she can yell at him, Eric explains, “Trish, I have a surprise, but it needs to wait another week.”

     “What does this surprise have to do with you reserving the hall?”

     “The surprise is the hall.” Knowing this is going to start an argument, Eric turns around and puts his hands up defensively. “I know. I know we decided on Excelsior, but I know that’s not what you wanted, right?”

     “Right, but…”

     “But nothing, we are going to have a small reception right? Your parents, and sister, my sister and her husband, my cousin, and some friends are the only people we’re inviting, right? So, why are we going to rent out a hall your not happy with for about ten people?”

     “So, what? You don’t want to have a reception? We’re already not getting married in a church…”

     “Hey, we both decided we didn’t want to get married in a church, and this is dealing with that.” Eric is still holding his hands up defensively waiting for Tricia to become fed up with his secrecy game.

     “Wait, are you trying to change where we get married too? What happened? We decided on the conservatory for the ceremony, and you were supposed to be calling the Excelsior for the reception.”

     Wanting to see how long he can keep pushing Tricia till she’s had too much, Eric nudges a little further, “I was thinking we change the date also…” Eric pauses, waiting for Tricia to burst in a furious rage of curses and otherwise harsh words, but instead she simply stands in front of him, mouth hung open, shoulders slumped low, and if Eric were to look closely he would have seen her left eye twitching uncontrollably, however, he’s too impressed with his plan. He doesn’t notice these things; only that she’s not interrupting him, so he continues. “I mean, why get married on the 16th of February? Just because it’s a Saturday? We chose that time of year because of Valentine’s Day, but instead of getting married on the 14th you want to settle on something else. First we’re not getting the kind of hall you want because we can’t afford it, then you have to compromise the conservatory because there’s another wedding the same day, and now we’re going to change the date you want to get married because it’s not on a weekend. I can’t take it anymore. I may not be able to afford everything you deserve, but I promised you at least the wedding will be all you’re worth and more.”

     With her eye no longer twitching, Tricia calms down, but is no closer to figuring out what Eric has planned. “Eric, Sweetie, that’s romantic, it really is, but it’s already December and we need to get everything settled soon.”

     “I know, honey trust me I know, and all I’m asking for is another week and a half.”

     “But that’s Christmas time, what’s going to happen then?”

     He holds up his hand extending his index finger, asking Tricia to wait, as he shuffles through his brief case, on the counter next to the bed. Fishing out the single piece of paper he’s looking for, he hands it to Tricia, “Here. Read this.”

     Still confused, Tricia notices the sincerity in his eyes and the tone of his voice. She knows he’s no longer trying to be secretive and telling her all she wants to know with this paper. Instantly she sees that it’s a bad photocopy of another piece of paper he had hand written, she knows her computer savvy husband must be trying to make a point by hand writing whatever is said in this letter. She delays no longer, and reads:

Dear Melanie Maasch,

It has recently come to my attention that it is possible to have my wedding ceremony performed at the Empire State Building on February 14th, on Valentine’s Day. I understand you only choose several couples for this privilege, all based on a letter sent to you explaining why they deserve to have their wedding at the most romantic place in the world. I would love to say that my fiancé, Tricia, and myself met there, or that I worked there when her and I met, or that our first date was at the Empire State Building. Although we did have dinner once at Chipotle within the Empire State Building, but that was long after I had proposed to her and we were planning on getting married. She did comment how beautiful the building looked at night as we passed by one night, and Sleepless in Seattle is one of her favorite movies, but aside from those minor details we have no strong ties to the building. And I know there may be other couples more deserving of having their special day at your establishment, but no bride-to-be is more deserving to have the most romantic wedding imaginable, than my Tricia. Unfortunately, I’m not a wealthy man, nor is she a wealthy woman, and we can’t afford the kind of wedding she’s envisioned since she was a child. And for this reason, and this reason alone, I implore that you find my wife worthy of having her special day, to truly be a special day that she will remember for the rest of her life. Whatever you choose, I thank you for taking the time to read my letter.
— Eric Bertrand
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I'm happy with this story, and if you want to read how it ends, head over to Alphabet Project: Empire State Building

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