WWE Predictions: Clash of Champions 2017

WWE Predictions: Clash of Champions 2017

I think Brundan said it best, that although this is supposed to feel like a big send off as Clash of Champions is the final PPV of the year, it really feels like nothing more than another episode of Smackdown Live. 

I'm not saying this because Jinder Mahal is still in the title picture (although that is a big reason) but it might also have to do with the fact that Shane McMahon is once again involved in the main event. Don't get me wrong, I like Shane. I geeked out big time when he returned, but I recall him saying early in his Commissioner tenure that Smackdown will focus on the wrestling, and not those in charge. Obviously, we knew that wouldn't be true but I expected it to last a little longer. 

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And away we go...




Mojo Rawley vs Zach Ryder

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Pink: I have no real call on this one. WWE has been building to this just for a while. But give it to Ryder, and Rawley for a bigger win to end the story line. - Zach Ryder

Rybo Slice:  Let’s kick off this pay per view with a match that deserves more. I don’t see bright futures with either guy but their storyline deserves more. Mojo wins as he tries to make name for himself as a heel - Mojo Rawley

Double A: Zach Ryder deserves this win, but for the storyline to work Mojo needs the 'w'. I know Brundan is a big Mojo fan, but I never was and so I'm not invested in his story at all. He won the Andre the Giant Memorial, and the writers have had no idea what to do with him from there. Either way, this is an easy win for Mojo. - Mojo Rawley

Brundan: Mojo is awesome and finally dropped the dead weight.  I imagine he will hyped beyond belief to squash Ryder and move onto something else.- Mojo Rawley


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Main Card

Breezango vs The Blugdeon Brothers

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Rybo Slice: I’m not feelin the sledgehammer wielding brothers...they don’t use their hammers which is just ridiculous. They’re outfits looks silly. Bring back the dirty hillbilly look! Either way their rise to the top continues..  - The Bludgeon Brothers

Double A: This is an easy pick across the board, but I really like Breezango, and it's hard to vote against them, but in reality they're nothing more than cannon fodder for the Kane cosplayers. - The Bludgeon Brothers

Brundan: Easy one.  Harper and Rowen back together again will squash Breezdango.  I guess we never will find out who attacked them.  Must be whoever was driving the hummer in WCW. - The Bludgeon Brothers

Pink: Why not vote for the “New Wyatt’s”. Especially if the match is against Breezango. They are not a good Tag Team, but they are funny. So I have to give it to The Bludgeon Brothers. - The Bludgeon Brothers


The Usos (c) vs The New Days vs Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gables vs Rusev Day (Fatal 4-Way for the Tag Team Championship)

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Double A: The Usos are going to win, but most of the matches we're going to have the same picks and this is the only one I'm not 100% positive on. So this will be my wild card of the night, I'm going with Benjamin/Gables. I had higher hopes for this team and they haven't jelled as I think WWE anticipated they would. Either way, I can see them coming away the belts. - Shelton Benjamin/Chad Gables

Brundan:   This is a tough one because I could see either the Usos or Gable and Shelton winning.  Russev and English are great but WWE never does anything with Russev so they are out.  New Day is out because I can't see them getting the belts again yet.  I'll go with the Usos. - The Usos

Pink: The Champs will stay the champs. This will be a great match I think. - The Usos

Rybo Slice: USOs got their hands full but I got faith in my high flyers. They shall remain tag team champs. - The Usos


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Charlotte Flair  (c) vs Natalya (Lumberjack match for the Women's Championship)

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Brundan: Easy Charlotte wins but it should be a good match.  I could however see something screwy with the lumber jacks happening and Carmela cashing in.  But I think I say that every month. - Charlotte Flair

Pink: Charlotte will close out the year as the champ. It’s been a long road back to be champ this year after coming to Smackdown, and I don’t see them taking that title away. - Charlotte Flair

Rybo Slice:  Wooooo!!!! I’m calling the big showdown between Asuka vs Flair at WM. I don’t see either losing for awhile. Natty is going to tap out!. - Charlotte Flair

Double A: This match will most likely end in a no contest with the interference of the Riott Squad even though this is a Lumberjack match (and did you notice how progressive WWE is by not calling it a Lumberjill match anymore? laughable). I see them trying to cause some trouble, and the rest of the lumberjacks getting involved. Natalya will probably take advantage of the distraction, but I'm not comfortable voting against Charlotte in this match. - Charlotte Flair


Baron Corbin (c) vs Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler (Triple Threat match for the US Championship)

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Pink: I have no real reason to take Roode in this match other than I want him to take it. WWE will probably give it the big guy, and let Corbin keep the Title. - Bobby Roode

Rybo Slice: I’d love a shocker and have Dolph take the win. In a perfect world that’d happen. An awesome way to shake up the United States title scene but it’ll be Zig that gets pinned by Corbin. It’s not time just yet for Bobby. - Baron Corbin

Double A: The only reason Dolph was thrown into this match was so Baron could retain the belt without Roode eating a loss in his first title shot. That sucks because I'm a fan of Ziggler (and Roode) and would like to see him do something more relevant before he decides to leave for TNA or ROH. Also, I can't stand Corbin, but alas he's getting the win. - Baron Corbin

Brundan: Seems like a waste of Bobby Roode to me.  He will probably DDT Dolph and then Baron throws him out of the ring and retains.  Next...  - Baron Corbin


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AJ Styles (c) vs Jinder Mahal (WWE Championship match)

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Rybo Slice: Jinder run is over and done with. He’ll never get that belt back ever again. Maybe the us title for him down the road if he’s lucky. Jinder will eat a flying elbow and go down for the big 1....2....3! - AJ Styles

Double A: I was happy when Jinder first won the belt. That changed quickly, and I have no desire to see him back with the belt and I think I speak for the majority of WWE fans with that sentiment. The WWE higher-ups are usually tone deaf to the fan's desires, but this should be one of those times they listen. - AJ Styles

Brundan: This needs to be it for Jinder.  They tried, he failed and its time to move on.  And there is no one better to move on with then AJ, since he is one of the best in the world.  AJ wins and Jinder goes away. - AJ Styles

Pink: I just don’t see a good reason for AJ to drop the Title back to Jinder. Unless they are going to try with India story again. And it is a possibility especially with Triple H losing to India visit. - AJ Styles


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Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn (Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan as Special Guest Referees)

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Double A: As I said in the intro, I'm sick of Shane McMahon being in the main event picture, but I also really like getting Daniel Bryan back in the ring, even if it's just as a referee. We know Kevin and Sami aren't going anywhere and there's no reason for Daniel to be in the match if he doesn't go against Shane at some point. Whatever chicanery happens, it will result in the Guardian Angels winning. - Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Brundan: So at this point Stevie Wonder can see the Bryan turn coming from a mile away.  So knowing WWE Shane will probably turn. Either someone will screw Orton and Nakamura and team Yep takes it. - Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Pink: I don’t know why this is even on the damn card. This match is going to be stupid. You have four good stars in what should be a very good match, but I think this match is going to play to story. And not be the good match it should just be. - Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Rybo Slice: They obv can’t fire these two mofos. Daniel is gonna do something to mess up Shane’s master plan to get Ko and Sami fired. So KO will pin the master of the RKO! - Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn


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Although I don't think the PPV will be as big as WWE should have for their final event of the year, I do think it'll be somewhat entertaining. The Fatal 4-Way tag match should be very good. The triple threat US fight could be a fun match if the they give the three guys time to tell a story (that's a big if), and it's always interesting to see what Breezango will do in the ring. 

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