WWE Predictions: Royal Rumble 2018

WWE Predictions: Royal Rumble 2018

Are you ready to rumble? Mania might be marketed as the biggest show of the year, but I think people get excited for the Royal Rumble even more so.

The unpredictability of the event generates excitement. The surprise returns and nostalgia acts creates an air of unpredictability. But perhaps more importantly, the winners of the night give us a glimpse into the future of the company, and a look ahead to Wrestlemania. 

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And away we go...




Bobby Roode vs ??? (US Open Challenge for the United States Championship match)

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Rybo Slice: Roode with the win. Not sure who will take him up on the challenge but they ain’t winning. - Bobby Roode

Double A: I feel like WWE is going to use this as a way to bring someone back, but whoever it is, they aren't going to win. Bobby Roode needs to retain the belt. - Bobby Roode

Brundan: Not sure who this may be.  My guess is either Mahal or Ziggler.  Russev would blow the roof off the house.  Who ever it is will lose since Roode just won the belt and his reign should be glorious!!!!!!!- Bobby Roode

Pink: Whichever person takes on the challenge will lose, and Roode will retain. - Bobby Roode


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The Club vs The Revival

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Double A: I don't know what The Revival did to get on the shit list, but after the past few weeks it appears the WWE has no faith in Dash and Dawson. Maybe it was the spat of injuries between the two, but regardless having Finn Balor link up with his former club buddies, bodes ill for The Revival - The Club

Brundan:  Revival got the Ascension treatment on Raw, getting squashed by a bunch of old men trying to be cool (Scott Hall will always be cool though).  I'm hoping the Revival recovers and takes this match as these guys should hopefully be feuding for the titles soon. - The Revival

Pink: Even as much as WWE misuses Anderson & Gallows in the past. I believe they are going start the storyline of The Club, and both them & Finn will start to get some real air time.
 - The Club

Rybo Slice: If it wasn’t for Finn Balor joining them. I woulda picked revival but not anymore. The balor club has a push going on right now so they shall win! NERDSSSSSSSS!!!!! - The Club


Kalisto, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik vs. TJP, Gentleman Jack Gallagher, and Drew Gulak

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Brundan:   The former Zo train takes this.  Drew Gulak is the best thing on the show and should have a weekly power point on why that is. - TJP, Gentleman Jack Gallagher, and Drew Gulak

Pink: I just have to pick someone. Hopefully this match will be used for a way to fill the Cruiserweight title. And it is just not a throwaway match. - Kalisto, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik

Rybo Slice:I’m going to go with the baby faces here. A Enzo less 205 is going to suck but they want the cheers for this brand so let’s go team Kalisto! Kalisto, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik

Double A: Normally I would give this to the baby faces, but with everything that happened with Enzo Amore, I think they need to build up a new top heel for the division, and this would be a b=good way to start that. - TJP, Gentleman Jack Gallagher, and Drew Gulak 


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Main Card

The Usos (c) vs Benjables (2 out of 3 Falls for the Smackdown Championship match)

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Pink: We know how these 2 out of 3 match all go. Usos will get the first win, followed by Gable & Benjamin getting the next one, to get use tied up. I just see the Usos getting the final pin fall to keep the titles. - The Usos

Rybo Slice:  And NEW...Benjamin and Gable will capture the gold this time around. It’s time and although I’m not lovin them as a team. They got skill even though Shelton should be doing bigger and better things. - Benjables

Double A: I'm torn on this one. I really like The Usos, and want them to retain, but I see Benjables have been getting the momentum building for a title run. Ideally I want the Usos to retain, and then lose the title to Rusev Day, but I know that won't happen, so I'm reluctantly going with Benjables. - Benjables

Brundan: Chad Gable might be my favorite overall wrestler on Smackdown.  Everything he does looks so crisp and good and he can talk.  Benjamin is great as well and they have gelled so well together.  The Usos have been just on fire over the last year however I think this is it for them for now,  Plus one of them just got slapped with a DUI so I think they will be making the change. Benjables


Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan (c) vs The Bar (Raw Tag Team Championship match)

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Rybo Slice: And STILL...Tag team champs Seth Rollins and the current BEST IN THE BIZ Jason Jordan! Since Enzo is gone the title of best in the biz goes to Jason. The Bar should go away. I’m bored of them. - Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan

Double A: I want to say up front that even though I like Jason Jordan's in-ring work, he is far from the best in the business, despite what Rybo is claiming above. However, with that said I think he will play heavily into the outcome of this match. Not in the way Rybo thinks obviously. Jordan teaming with Rollins was always a short term plan, and I think it comes to an end tonight. Whether it's a simple case of miscommunication, or a full on heel turn, Jordan costs them the belts, giving the win to my favorite wrestler, and his pale teammate - The Bar

Brundan:Rumor has it that Seth and Jason are set for Mania.  Quite a drop off from Triple H last year for Rollins but they should have a great match.  That being said I think we see another title change here.  I don't think they break up yet but something is going to happen between them to cause the change. - The Bar

Pink: I can see WWE wanting Seth in the Tag hunt still while we wait around for Dean to come back. But this match with Jordan versus The Bar will not end in anything other than a loss. - The Bar


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AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn (2-on-1 Handicap WWE Championship match)

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Double A: Seeing Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn running around together with the belt as co-champs would be a lot of fun, and there'd be the inevitable story of their break up. Alas, I don't think that will come to pass. AJ will capitalize on Owen's "injured" leg to retain and go on to defend against my #1 pick for the Rumble winner. - AJ Styles

Brundan: Sami vs AJ was great.  Owens vs AJ can be great.  I really do not know what to think about this match.  Sami and Kevin combined should be able to squash AJ. Also it is not like only the person getting the pin gets the title so there shouldn't be any arguing between Kevin and Sami.  Do Shane and Bryan get involved?  I'm just going to say AJ wins and I have no idea how. - AJ Styles

Pink: AJ will lose his title only to win the Rumble match and face one of these two at Wrestlemania. I think the winner will come from Zayn doing something to help Owens get the pin. But Shane will restart the match only to have Daniel come out to uphold the integrity of the show. Which will come to play out that Daniel gives the win to Owens & Zayn when the match ends again. - Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Rybo Slice: The idea of a co champion is kinda cool I guess. I can’t imagine they do this to the world title though. It just wouldn't be right. So Aj is keeping it and hittin somethin with that forearm for the win. - AJ Styles


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Brock Lesnar (c) vs Braun Strowman vs Kane (Triple Threat Universal Championship match)

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Brundan: Well this should be quick.  Why Kane is still in a main event in 2018?  Get back out on the campaign trail and become a mayor.  Brock wins this and we see him in a few months. - Brock Lesnar

Pink: This is the only logical choice. Kane would never be tapped to lead RAW as the champ for what would be possibly a month before having to drop it back to Brock of Wrestlemania. And even though Braun is suppose to be this beast they would want Brock to be champ for Wrestlemania. - Brock Lesnar

Rybo Slice: Brock got this one in the bag. He’s keeping that shiz til Wrestlemania. Brock will pin Kane after a solid F5! - Brock Lesnar

Double A: Before these past few weeks I would have agreed with my compatriots, however I'm going out on a limb. I know Kane was put in the match to eat a pin from Brock and keep momentum going strong for Braun. I know he's supposed to lose, I know it in my heart he's not going to win the title, but I can see it. Braun pins Kane to win the belt, this keeps Brock from looking weak, and is an unexpected swerve that Vince loves. Braun pinning Kane, would give Brock ample reason to be angry with the whole situation, and call for a rematch at Elimination Chamber or whatever the next Raw PPV is, and he can win it back there before giving the belt to Roman Reigns at Mania. I understand this is all crazy, but I can see them giving Braun the rub. He deserves it. (I'm losing a point here) - Braun Strowman


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Women's Royal Rumble match

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Rules to the voting are simple, everyone picks three winners in order. 1st pick gets three points, 2nd gets two, and 3rd gets one point. In addition, everyone picks a single 'surprise' return worth another point if they're entered in the match. rules apply to both matches. 

Pink: 1st- Asuka
2nd- Nia Jax
3rd- Mickie James
Surprise- Jacqueline

Rybo Slice: 1st- Asuka
2nd- Nia Jax
3rd- Sasha Banks
Surprise- Trish Stratus

Double A: 1st- Asuka
2nd-  Ronda Rousey
3rd- Nia Jax
Surprise- Stephanie McMahon
I can see Stephanie entering herself in the match and get Ronda eliminated setting up a match down the line, but Asuka needs to win. She came in hot as hell, but her momentum has died even though she hasn't lost. Also, I want Paige to be the #1 entrant, when the #2 gets in, Paige climbs out, eliminating herself. She deserves to be in the match, and this injury shouldn't stop her. 

Brundan: 1st- Asuka
2nd- Becky Lynch
3rd- Ronda Rousey
Surprise- Ronda Rousey
So there are like 19 woman announced so we will probably see a bunch of returns, a few NXT women and a maybe a debut or two.  This should be a win for Asuka but who knows with the WWE?  Small fact is last time Asuka was in a battle royal in NXT she got thrown out by of all people Eva Marie.


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Men's Royal Rumble match

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Rybo Slice: 1st- Shinsuke Nakamura
2nd- John Cena
3rd- Finn Balor
Surprise- Ethan Carter III
EC3 is capable of takin the spot away from Jason Jordan as the best in the biz too

Double A: 1st- Shinsuke Nakamura
2nd- Roman Reigns
3rd- Dolph Ziggler
Surprise- Samoa Joe
AJ v Shinsuke is a true Mania dream match that WWE has been slow building since Survivor Series. Giving Nakamura the win here, and committing to his push, would be perfect timing.  Unfortunately, you can't count Reigns out of anything with the way WWE loves him. I think the crowd would once again turn on him if he were to win, but they may not care anymore. I think the whole point of Ziggler walking away from the US title and Smackdown for a bit, was to bring him back here and make a big splash, potentially with a win (unlikely). Also, I don't know how serious Joe's injury was/is, but I feel like they may have used that as an excuse to get him out of the Mixed Match challenge without him being seriously injured. 

Brundan: 1st- Shinsuke Nakamura
2nd- Roman Reigns
3rd- Daniel Bryan
Surprise- Daniel Bryan
I cannot wait to see my first rumble live!!  I have always loved the rumble and with it being close to home this year, I will be there.  This year feels so wide open.  I'm hoping for a few fun surprises too.

Pink: 1st- AJ Styles
2nd- Shinsuke Nakamura
3rd- Finn Balor
Surprise- Diamond Dallas Page


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There's a lot of potential and excitement building up for tonight, and I'm eager to take the ride. I'm jealous Brundan is going without us, but we're hoping to get some live feedback for tomorrow's results post.  

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WWE Results: Royal Rumble 2018

WWE Results: Royal Rumble 2018

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