WWE Predictions: Elimination Chamber 2018

WWE Predictions: Elimination Chamber 2018

I was going to say that the chamber is quickly growing to be my favorite gimmick match, but I had no idea that the match has been around for 15 years. Man I must be getting old. 

The concept of the match is pretty ridiculous, but it works. And it works in a very fun over the top way. This year we have the first ever 7 man chamber match, and the first women's chamber match. I've seen some backlash for the 7 man match, but I think the Elimination Chamber could comfortably have an 8 man match without it getting too overcrowded, but I couldn't imagine it getting bigger than that. 

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And here we go...




The Club vs The Miztourage

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Rybo Slice: Those nerds are getting a good old fashion beating!! Gallows/Anderson whoop that ass and take the win. Too Sweet! - The Club

Double A: The real story they're building here is The Club vs The Revival, so I'd imagine a win here for the good brothers, however I'm expecting a swerve. Mostly, I see The Revival interfering and costing The Club the match. There's no reason to keep Dash and Dawson off the PPV entirely. - The Miztourage

Brundan: Good Brothers beat the NNNEEEEERRRRRDDDDDDDSSSSSSSSS!!! - The Club

Pink: I have not a reason for this pick. I don’t like these to idiots, but they are associated to the Miz so I’m a going to vote for them. Plus Gallows & Anderson are the Bray Wyatt of the Tag division. They keep losing when they should have a real story, and be winning.. - The Miztourage


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Main Card

The Bar (c) vs Titus Worldwide (Raw Tag Team Championship match)

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Brundan:  It has to be the Bar in this one. Apollo is great but Titus sucks in the ring. I don’t know where the Bar goes from here. Maybe a 3 way at mania with the Good Brothers and Revival. - The Bar

Pink: Well another match I’m not really looking forward to. But the two top team on RAW have fallen to injuries. I would say Titus could win for a match at Wrestlemania, but that is a match nobody wants either. So The Bar will keep their Titles, and will have to find an opponent for Wrestlemania. Cause the RAW Tag should be on the show this year with the way Sheamus & Cesaro have wrestled this year. - The Bar

Rybo Slice: The bar got this one in the bag. I’m over them but this is a easy win for them. - The Bar

Double A:  Titus Worldwide currently has three victories over The Bar, I'm not sure why but Vince seems to be on the hype train for Worldwide, maybe it's payback for Titus' unjust suspension not too long ago. But I don't see The Bar losing the belts to them prior to Mania. Like Pink said, after everything they've done for the Raw tag division, they deserve to have titles going into the biggest show of the year. 

Woken Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt

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Pink: Is there really a winner in this match? Bray needs a win on a PPV, but so does Matt. He is just not getting the same stories if Jeff weren’t injured. So the one the WWE keeps recycling is the Bray Wyatt one. Nothing is going to come out of this just like nothing came out of the first like six of this story. - Bray Wyatt

Rybo Slice:  I want hardy to win, he has to for his character to grow. Been there done that with Bray. Matt please win! - Matt Hardy

Double A: Let me just checks my notes real quick... hmmm. just as I thought. Bray Wyatt is the biggest waste on the main roster in the past 10 years. He's still one of my favorites and I hold out hope they'll finally capitalize on him, but the time isn't now. If they're going to build up the Woken Matt Hardy gimmick, he needs to come out of this feud on top of Wyatt. The swerve? I don't think the feud is ending tonight. I anticipate Bray to get an odd unexpected win here so that Matt can take the win back at Mania in some experimental match similar to the Broken universe matches of TNA  - Bray Wyatt

Brundan:  If this is anything like their Orton vs Bray last year at mania I’m out of here. Matt needs a return to help the Woken character. Hopefully he calls on senior Benjamin or Vanguard one for help as I believe Brother Nero is still hurt. I’ll go with Matt winning this one. - Matt Hardy


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Asuka vs Nia Jax

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Brundan:  Asuka has to win this one. Nia has been a monster this last month however no one is ready for Asuka. Asuka vs Alexa at mania. - Asuka

Pink: Nia is not going to be handing Asuka her first lose. At least that is how everyone will vote. But just keep in mind this is the same way everyone felt when we got the Taker lose to Brock. WWE is a bunch of fickle people. I’m still voting for Asuka to stay undefeated, but now that WWE has a new Superstar in Ronda. I wouldn’t be surprised if Asuka gets some weird breaks. Unless WWE is smart and makes Asuka lose to Ronda in a Major PPV. - Asuka

Rybo Slice: Mega tough crazy enough bc they love those triple threat matches. I want to say Nia wins by like count out but Asuka won the rumble and should get a straight up match for the title. Asuka will get the win! - Asuka

Double A: No one is ready for Asuka! They're trying to tell a story of the monster Nia inserting herself into the title picture at Mania. While I do think that'll happen, just not the way you think. While I do think this will be a great match, Asuka's undefeated streak isn't ending tonight. She's going on to Mania to face the champion Charlotte Flair of Smackdown Live! That's right, Asuka is jumping ship to the blue brand, leaving Rhonda to run roughshod unimpeded on Raw. - Asuka


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Alexa Bliss (c) vs Bailey vs Sasha Banks vs Mickie James vs Sonya Deville vs Mandy Rose (Raw Women's Championship Elimination Chamber match)

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Pink: Alexa will win by the end of the night. It will not be an easy on for her. As well it will not be an easy one for any of the competitors tonight. It even has the placement of stealing the show tonight. Alexa vs Asuka makes the most sense as it comes to Wrestlemania matches. - Alexa Bliss

Rybo Slice: Bliss retains...she must and so she shall. Simple as that. - Alexa Bliss

Double A: I don't want to agree with everyone else, especially Rybo, but the truth is Alexa needs to retain the belt here. There's no story with anyone else winning it here. The story comes with Bliss retaining, Asuka going to Smackdown, and Nia putting on a good show in her lose earlier in the night, deserving a shot at the title because Bliss just beat everyone else. I also see Bailey pinning Sasha, and Banks flips out turning heel, beating the shit out of Bailey, getting her taken out of the match - Alexa Bliss

Brundan: it has to be Alexia right?  I feel as no one else makes sense to fight Asuka at mania. Something will probably happen between Bayley and Sasha finally.  I feel like it’s been teased forever. - Alexa Bliss


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Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor vs Braun Strowman vs Elias vs The Miz vs John Cena (Universal Championship Number 1 Contender Elimination Chamber match)

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Rybo Slice: This shiz is tough yo! I of course want Cena to win but it won’t happen. I thought it was all set up for Roman to win but Braun is the guy! He’s gettin all the attention. He’s the main attraction. He’s gotta win this. I’ll b pissed if it’s Roman since I’m takin a chance wit Braun. - Braun Strowman

Double A: I can't do it, I just can't. I've been burned by my heart too many times. Braun, I'm sorry, I want you to win, but i have to go with the safe bet of Roman Reigns. Roman vs Brock for the belt at Mania has been built for so long, it'd be wrong to not go with it now. - Roman Reigns

Brundan:  it would be awesome if Braun mowed though everyone and had a mean guy match with Brock at mania. It would be amazing if Finn won and had the ultimate underdog match with Brock at mania.  However Reigns will win. Their last match at mania a few years ago was great so there is a little hope there. - Roman Reigns

Pink:I don’t know how to vote on this one. I have a feeling we will be stuck with another Reigns Wrestlemania, but John taking the AllTime Championship reign would be an event meant for Wrestlemania, especially if it is to take down Brock for it. The way the match should start is the Miz vs Finn. Finn hasn’t had the greatest and cleanest match since getting back. So a good start with him and the Miz to start up the match would be good. Causing the more bodies are added to the mix the more it comes down to punishment. And Braun, John, and Reigns are built for that. Elias is not that small of a man and will probably take a good amount of punishment to without starting to look sloppy. But as we come to the Triple threat part of the match we should have Miz, Finn, and Rollins in the ring doing what they do without intrusion of bodies being thrown around. - John Cena


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It seems wrong to have Elimination Chamber the first PPV following Rumble since they are the to most unpredictable match types WWE has.

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