WWE Predictions: No Mercy 2017

WWE Predictions: No Mercy 2017

It feels like we haven't done this in forever, but it's only been a month since Summerslam. In any case, we're here for No Mercy, a Raw PPV that they're billing as Wrestlemania caliber, which says a lot about what they think of the Smackdown brand. But I will say, that this show does feel stacked for a 'B' level PPV. We've got the Beast vs the Monster Among Men and the Franchise vs the next, next big thing. 

Enough jibber jabber lets get to the show


Apollo Crews vs Elias

No Mercy Kickoff.jpg

Pink: I would like to see this Elias guy wrestle more, and not be this Artistic Musician character only. - Elias

Rybo Slice: The Drifter will find a way to beat Crews for this kickoff match. Crews will be doing some flips and shiz during the match so it'll be a good time. - Elias

Double A: I know I always say that the face needs to win the Kickoff match to start the crowd hot, but I don't see it happening tonight. WWE has already given up on Apollo Crews ever actually doing anything, and it seems like they still have hopes for Elias, so I see him taking this one. - Elias

Brundan: I really like both these guys but I believe The drifter drifts by crews.  He has been strong and mostly protected so far since he came up. - Elias


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The Miz (c) vs Jason Jordan (Intercontinental Championship match)

No Mercy Intercontinental.jpg

Rybo Slice: I'd personally like to see Jordan take it just see where it'd go but it's not time yet. It'd be so cool if angle so how did something to get his kid the belt. In due time though. Miz takes the win. - The Miz

Double A:  I do believe Jason Jordan will win the IC belt, but not tonight. This is his first shot at it, and the Miztourage is going to be lurking around. Miz may get DQ'd but either way Jordan isn't getting the prize. For the voting, I'll say Miz wins this one, but Jordan will get it soon.- The Miz

Brundan:  Jordan is coming off a few big matches going toe to toe with John Cena and Roman Reigns.  If the WWE thinks they have something with Jason Jordan they need to pull the trigger now.  Jordan wins but this feud isn't over. - Jason Jordan

Pink: The Miz better win. If they have him lose for the gimmick of Jordan being Kurt’s son will just be bad. - The Miz


Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax vs Emma vs Bayley (Fatal-5-Way Raw Women's Championship match)

No Mercy Womens.jpg

Double A:  What the hell are they doing with this division? Why does every match have to have every female possible? Emma wasn't even there on Monday night and Bayley gets thrown in, why?  I think it's Nia Jax's time for the belt, but I don't see them giving her the belt. and because I can't be bothered to come up with anything else, I'm saying Alexa retains. - Alexa Bliss

Brundan: This to me is the match to determine who gets killed by Asuka.  Bayley is just returning so probably not her.  Sasha has won the title at a PPV just to lose it on Raw too many times all ready.  Emma is great but they won't hit the gas on her for some reason.  That leaves Nia and Alexa.  Alexa has been fantastic and should continue as champ.  Nia Jax sucks and locked in a room for a month watching nothing but Aja Kong and Awesome Kong matches to learn to be a monster.  As much as I hate it I think Nia wins and later loses to Asuka when she is healthy. - Nia Jax

Pink: Can’t vote against my Miss Bliss. - Alexa Bliss

Rybo Slice:  Is it time for Jax to take it? Hmmm I don't know. I can't see it for some reason. I think Bliss retains til she goes 1 on 1 with Jax. The Lil Harley Quinn will find a way to slide in and steal a win at No Mercy. Bliss retains! - Alexa Bliss


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Neville (c) vs Enzo Amore (Cruiserweight Championship match)

No Mercy Cruiser.jpg

Brundan: Lets see how good Neville really is. Enzo while entertaining is a terrible wrestler. He would be a perfect manager for someone like a Baron Corbin who is as entertaining as balsa wood.  Neville takes this one but the real story is how entertaining Neville can make this match. - Neville

Pink: I have a feeling WWE is going to take the Belt from Neville to try and bring Enzo into his own. But I would not take a Belt from a great champ to give Enzo this push. Cause it would work better, at least for me, if it seems like Enzo worked for it.  - Enzo Amore

Rybo Slice: This is the match I'm looking forward too the most. I'd love it if Enzo took the gold. My fingers are crossed but I can't put my vote on him. Neville will win and I'll be upset. How you doin? - Neville

Double A: Although Enzo has garnered some attention to the cruiserweight division with his recent 'not-a-demotion' I don't see them actually taking the belt off of Neville to someone like Enzo. Besides, there's no way Enzo should win gold before Big Cass - Neville


Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt

No Mercy Balor Wyatt.jpg

Pink: "I just think this the only reason Finn beat me because he was the Demon" is so stupid. If that was the case why have all these other only men have beat Wyatt. But this might be where WWE is, not going to use Wyatt just in a losing manner. - Finn Balor

Rybo Slice:  I don't think the demon is coming out so I think Bray will take this one. Gotta set up a rubber match. Bray will take the win and then the demon will return yet again at the next ppv. - Bray Wyatt

Double A: The rumors are that Finn wins tonight, but I can't see WWE condemning Bray to another loss, especially when getting the fight he wants man-to-man. If Bray loses here, he may as well go back down to NXT and work on his Husky Harris persona, because they'll have officially killed the Bray Wyatt character. - Bray Wyatt

Brundan: Remember a year or so ago when Finn was champ for a day?  Now he is in the same feud Wyatt always has.  You would think bringing out the demon would have ended this but here we are.  Finn wins and hopefully moves on to better things. - Finn Balor


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Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs The Bar (Raw Tag Team Championship match)

No Mercy Tag Team.jpg

Rybo Slice: I don't like the Shield reunion and wish it was over but it's not.. Their reign as champs will continue as they beat the skirt wearing duo. - Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

Double A:  Cesaro deserves to have gold around his waist and if they're going to keep him relegated in a tag team, he damn well better have the tag gold. Beyond that, I'm still waiting for Dean to turn heel on Seth so they can start their feud. I'm not predicting that will happen tonight, but them losing the belts should start that story. - The Bar

Brundan: Cersaro and Sheamus are very entertaining ass kickers. Seth and Dean are also great.  I still feel like they should go with Dean turning on Seth to freshen him up but they will probably wait until people don't care.  Seth and Dean take it. - Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

Pink: Just cause, I like both teams and either one should lose. But I have a feeling Cesaro & Sheamus are thinking the Ambrose & Rollins feeling toward each is going to give them the win. And it will probably help them control the match, but Ambrose & Rollins don’t like to lose, so they will find a way to win. - Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins


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John Cena vs Roman Reigns

No Mercy Cena Reigns.jpg

Double A: As entertaining as a build this has been for a few weeks, I really think WWE painted themselves into a corner with this match. Roman needs to win, plain and simple, but as divisive the people are over Cena, the majority don't like Reigns. I find it funny that people are applauding Roman's promos for this, but if you pay attention, the only thing he's said that got a pop were the curses; bitch, ass, and I think he said shit once. That's not a good promo, that's pandering to the lowest denominator. Cena on the other hand has torn Reigns apart every single time. Roman should be glad John wasn't on Raw this week. Anyway, WWE can't afford to have Roman lose. - Roman Reigns

Brundan: And here is your Wrestlemania main event....oh wait they are wasting this on No Mercy.  This match might set a record for most boos in one match.  I really hope Big Match John and the big dog have a killer match.  This to me is the hardest match to perdict.  Do they go with their future in Reigns or the man for the past 13 or so years in Cena?  I am going to say Reigns wins by some kind of cheating. - Roman Reigns

Pink: I don’t want him to win, but I think John is being used to help in making this Roman destiny. - Roman Reigns

Rybo Slice: Love the trash talk between the two! Cenas my fav and I got a bad feeling about this one. Cena always wins but my gut is telling me that Roman will get the upset. It just makes sense sadly. Damn it! Roman for the damn win. UGH!!!!!!: - Roman Reigns


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Brock Lesnar (c) vs Braun Strowman (Universal Championship match)

No Mercy Universal.jpg

Brundan: The time to pull the trigger on Braun is right now!!  This guy is hot and losing to Brock here I think kills him.  Braun has improved so much in the past year.  He is a believable killer and should hold the title until Mania.  Screw Brock vs Reigns for the belt at mania.  Braun is the man now and should win this match.  I just hope WWE thinks the same. -Braun Strowman

Pink: Braun will control the entire match, but I don’t think he will win the Belt. He will definitely win the match, just not the Championship.  I see a low blow to end the match, but from who is the question. - Braun Strowman

Rybo Slice: I think it's time. I think this ends on a big high. Then Brock goes into hiding and will return for a epic rematch. Braunwill get the gold and dominate for quite some time. I could be wrong and won't b surprised if it's a DQ or something but I'm goin it for it. Braun Strowman

Double A: While I agree with everyone above, I don't imagine they're going to take the belt off of Brock at 'No Mercy'. I know I do this often, but I could see Braun winning the match but not the belt like Pink said, maybe with a well timed low blow from Paul Heyman (but probably not). In any case, I predict Brock's reign of terror to continue until Survivor Series, where Braun finally takes the title for his own. - Brock Lesnar


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There you have it folks, our No Mercy predictions, and with that said, I leave you with our current winning standings. Come back tomorrow to see who won tonight.

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WWE Results: No Mercy

WWE Results: No Mercy

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