WWE Predictions: Survivors Series 2017

WWE Predictions: Survivors Series 2017

That's right folks, tonight is Survivor Series, "the one night of the year when Monday Night Raw goes head to head against Smackdown Live". How many times did we hear that exact line during this build up?

Before we can find out if WWE is able to live up to those expectations, we need to go over our predictions for each match. As always, joining me for the PPV is the one time 'finally' a champ, Pink. Next, we've got Brundan, our most winningest champion. Followed by the current champ, Rybo Slice, our Randy Orton to Brundan's John Cena. And of course me, Double A, the next champ!

Our predictions are coming up in a bit, but I really think this may have been the most difficult PPV to choose a winning side. Here we go...




Enzo Amore (c) vs Kalisto (Cruiserweight Championship match)

SS Cruiser.jpg

Brundan:  I think the Enzo train keeps on rolling.  If Kalisto had not all ready won and lost the title I would believe more that he would win.  But with a few people supposedly on the way up to 205 live I think Enzo holds on.  BTW side note, WWE should move Mark Andrews from the UK division to 205 live.  That guy is amazing and could do some great things there. - Enzo Amore

Pink: I believe I said it last PPV, and I think I was the only one who picked him to win. Enzo is their bad guy, meaning the Cruiserweight’s. And for him to drop the title so quickly after getting it back for his second run would just be a horrible call. Than it becomes this back & forth thing that wears thin. - Enzo Amore

Rybo Slice:   Seems like Alex is one of the CUPPA HATERS! The modern day Hulk Hogan aka Enzo is keepin that title and runnin wild! - Enzo Amore

Double A: I really don't care about this match or the Cruiserweight division at all. They need to do something to spark interest in it again (if there ever was any) and as much as I've grown tired of Enzo, I think he'll better serve the Cruiserweights moving forward into a more high profile feud. - Enzo Amore


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Main Card

The Miz vs Baron Corbin (Champion vs Champion match)

SS Midcard.jpg

Pink: If I can vote for the Miz I will give it to him. Unless I have to vote for points instead of feeling. - The Miz

Rybo Slice:  This is a tough one. A coin flip if you will. I can see this going to DQ wit Bo and Curtis jumpin in. Either way Baron wins it bc he needs it and Miz doesn't. - Baron Corbin

Double A: If there was anything actually on the line for this match I'd give it to the Miz, but seeing as how this is basically an exhibition match, I'm giving this one to Corbin who needs a high profile win. The Miz won't be hurt with a loss here, whereas the win will help Baron significantly. - Baron Corbin

Brundan: This is the hardest PPV matches to call since none of these guys will be feuding after this and you can't have a PPV of DQs and no contests.  It's not like it is an episode or RAW or Nitro from 19 years (look it up).  I've soured on Corbin for a while now and I have never cared for Miz so this is a bathroom break for me.  I'm was going to guess Corbin wins and actually typed it out but thinking about it Miz's minions will probably screw Corbin out of a win. - The Miz


Team Raw (Alicia Fox [captain], Nia Jax, Asuka, Sasha Banks, and Bayley) vs Team Smackdown (Becky Lynch [captain], Carmella, Naomi, Tamina, Natalya) (Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series match)

SS 5on5 womens.jpg

Rybo Slice: It all comes down to Asuka. She's the almighty one so I see her takin' out the smackdown trash! The Raw ladies win and look good doin it. - Team Raw

Double A: This may have been the most difficult match for me to pick. Initially, without much consideration I was giving this to Team Raw because they have Asuka, and she can't lose yet. But then with Charlotte winning the belt and being removed from the team, and Paige likely the one to replace her, she needs the win. I predict Dana Brooke costs Asuka to get counted out, leaving it open for Paige to win along with Smackdown. However, it was announced that Natalya will take the spot opened by her losing the belt, so I'm back to my original prediction Asuka will be sole survivor, and I'd love it if she took out the entire Smackdown team - Team Raw

Brundan:  Why is Alicia Fox the Raw captain?  I think one woman is going to be standing at the end and that will be Asuka.  If it was me she would beat like 3 or 4 of them at the end to win.  Also I was hoping for a Paige return but they annouced Natayla as the 5th yesterday. - Team Raw

Pink: I hate to give it to Alex, but if he doesn’t mention it in his prediction I’m going to, cause it made sense. Team Raw gets the win only for the fact that they have Asuka. She can’t get her first lose in a Survivor’s series match. - Team Raw


WWE logo.jpg

Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte Flair (Champion vs Champion match)

SS Womens.jpg

Double A: Alexa is my girl, and it hurts me to do this, but with Charlotte just winning the belt back, I don't see her losing. This should be a good match if they give them enough time to develop the fight, but ultimately Charlotte gets the 'w'.  - Charlotte Flair

Brundan: This should be easy.  I'm going with Charlotte.  It would be stupid to have her win on Smackdown only to lose 5 days later on PPV. - Charlotte Flair

Pink: As I keep saying I’m a Bliss man. My vote for her is just like the Miz, if I can vote for either of them I will. Unless I need the point to win. And I think now that Ellsworth is gone Carmella will cash in Money in the Bank, to than show up on Tuesday to say see James was nothing but a tool I used to get to where I wanted to be. - Alexa Bliss

Rybo Slice: This had me going back and fourth the longest. I'm going charlotte since the biggest match is Asuka vs Charlotte. They don't want them face to face yet. Save that for mania. So that's why she got the gold off natty. I maybe thinking way too hard into this. Both are getting built up big now. - Charlotte Flair


The SHIELD vs The New Day

SS 3on3.jpg

Brundan: Apparently this is a match people have always wanted to see.   Not me.  I soured on the New Day though it's not truly their fault.  When I was attempting to watch Wrestlemania this year the network kept freezing up on us and it kept coming back to The New Days opening segment over and over again.  I heard how they rock about 20 times and that was it for me.  The shield win. - The Shield

Pink: As I said this match I’m calling based on the other Tag match. And the fact both teams from Smackdown will lose and they hopefully will use that in the beef of the Usos & New Day. - The Shield

Rybo Slice: I'm not a shield fan or a New Day fan but this match is cool somehow. One of the unicorns is gettin the triple powerbomb and shield wins! - The Shield

Double A: This would have been better served to have more of a build up between the two teams, but either way The SHIELD has to win this one right? Because of the TLC clusterfuck, this is their first PPV appearance in a long time. - The Shield


WWE logo.jpg

The Bar vs The Usos (Champions vs Champions match)

SS Tag.jpg

Pink: This is going to be a very good match, and could steal the show. The Bar is going to win because of the other Tag match of the night. I think the New Day will lose that match to the Shield, and since both of Smackdown’s team lost the could use those outcomes in their stories of New Day & Usos. Usos claim to be the top team on Smackdown, New Day says you lost. Usos say you did too, but the New Day says it was to the Shield not to a team we all have beaten before. - The Bar

Rybo Slice:  Im goin with the real tag team...not the tag team that wwe just put together bc they had nothing for them. So the usos will fly off the turnbuckles and get the win.
 - The Usos

Double A: These are possibly my two favorite current tag teams, and I expect this to be the match of the night, by a huge margin. Similar to Charlotte, with The Bar recently winning the belts on Raw, I don't see them losing just yet. They need to solidify their reign before they can lose an exhibition match. - The Bar

Brundan: Smackdown has to win some matches.  The is one of them.  Usos win in a match that actually could steal the show. - The Usos


WWE logo.jpg

Team Raw (Kurt Angle[captain] Triple H, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe) vs Team Smackdown (Shane McMahon [captain] John Cena, Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode) (Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series match)

SS 5on5 mens.png

Rybo Slice: Jason Jordan is the key to the smackdown victory. He's gonna get his revenge for getting booted off the team. Winner smackdown! It's gonna be a good match though. All the big dogs are in it. - Team Smackdown

Double A: I don't know if I would vote differently if Kurt's job wasn't on the line, but because it is, I think it's fairly obvious Team Raw will win. Even removing any stipulations, politics. or bias, I think it's damn near impossible to think Team Raw would lose. I do think Angle will get eliminated despite Raw winning, and Trip will use that leverage Kurt off the show, or at least hurt his standing, and build towards a match between the two. However, with all that said, I really don't want Nakamura to lose. He needs a win, but ultimately, I see Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn screwing over Shane and the Smackdown team. Triple H did literally hand Kevin the Universal championship. - Team Raw

Brundan:  This feels like the Invasion 5 on 5 match from 2001 to me.  WWE has a chance to make Bobby Roode and Nakamura tonight by having them survive.  If one person has to survive it should be Shinsuke.  I think it will help rebuild him from that awful program with Jinder and get him on the road to Wrestlemania vs AJ (teased at a house show recently).  HHH and Angle will probably screw themselves out of winning this.  Shane will do something nuts and stupid. Hopefully Braun just gets DQed for killing Shane some how.  There are a few things that really interest me, Cena vs Joe, Cena vs Finn, Nakamura vs Angle and Roode vs HHH actually all seem interesting for the future.  Smackdown wins this year. - Team Smackdown

Pink: There is just too much shit happening on the Raw team for it to work. The same could be said of the Smackdown team, but I think Stephanie gets the loss, and that builds on the story of Kurt is failing as a GM. Which would for Kurt to have some real matches for his final run at WWE. - Team Smackdown


WWE logo.jpg

Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles (Championship vs Championship match)

SS Champ.jpg

Double A: This is an interesting one. It seems like Brock is the obvious win, but being that it's rumored he was the reason they pulled the belt off of Jinder since he didn't want to waste one of his few dates left on his contract against someone he (correctly) doesn't believe is on his level. I could see WWE saying 'fine, we'll give you AJ, but you've got to lose.' I've taken some risky picks on this PPV, so I'll go a little more safe, and stick with Brock. - Brock Lesnar

Brundan: THANK GOD AJ BEAT JINDER.  When Brock vs Jinder was announced I thought that was the worst title vs title match of all time.  Xpac vs Billy Kidman to unify the Lightweight and Cruiserweight title was more interesting to me.  Then AJ won and the PPV was saved.  This match is perfect.  Big bad ass bruiser vs amazing underdog writes it self.  However someone has to win.  And my prediction is no one will.  AJ just won the title and Brock isn't going to lose, at least not yet.  Something is going to happen to get this match thrown out but not before they put on a hell of a show. - No Contest

Pink: I want to say AJ for the win, but the only reason we are getting this match over what it was going to be is that I bet Brock said I will not fight Jinder, give me some that will make the card worth it for me. And for that reason they will not have Brock lose. - Brock Lesnar

Rybo Slice:  This match will be SICK NASTY! Aj is gonna get caught trying to hit him with the elbow and get F5ed! Winner is BBBBBBRRRROOOOOOCCCCKKKKK LLLLEESSSSNNNAAAARRRR! - Brock Lesnar


WWE logo.jpg



As shitty as I expected TLC to be, I expect SS to be a great PPV. These were difficult matches to pick, but I've got faith in my ability to earn the belt again.

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WWE Results: Survivor Series 2017

WWE Results: Survivor Series 2017

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